The Rock II #poetry #earthweal

Another rock:
this one’s coming from space
more than a million miles it’s travelled
to put us in our place.

Think you can destroy a planet
with your selfish consumption?
Let me show you how it’s done:
with a swift, impactful motion…

I’ll give evolution another chance
to create something less arrogant:
a short, sharp change of circumstance
which you cannot prevent.

I expect it gives your pause for thought
as I enter your atmosphere
no time for sorry now, it’s done:
hardly the time for prayer.

If only you’d left more art behind
as alien buried treasure:
less nuclear waste, less plastic, a
habitable atmosphere

one day, from a distant galaxy
some species more intelligent
might have stopped by, enquiringly
and wondered where you went.

© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Written for earthweal

I watched a documentary about asteroids and comets impacts the other day, and the role they may have played in the evolutionary record. It seems every 100,000 years or so, life on earth gets a restart. How arrogant of us as a species to try and jump the gun!

Sharing with earthweal’s Open Link Weekend.

I realise on the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that many people will have much to say on the subject. Personally, I can’t make a poem out of such tragedy. I will only say my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loved ones.

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  1. I can only imagine the thoughts of an intelligent species visiting the wreckage of our destroyed planet, full of our plastic, garbage and death. They would see that, once, we had it all, got greedy for More, and choked our Eden to death.

  2. I love your alien perspective Ingrid.. . we might be using the same cystal ball … here’s one I wrote years ago ..

    ‘Time Travelers”

    Zap, a gigantic lightning bolt precedes a mystical power surge.
    Traversing the cobalt skies, like horizontally sleek outriggers.
    Vividly scoring chords to hang our every word on.
    Like musical lines, writing out our lost dreams and regrets.

    Soundwaves echoing, poles apart, going north, south, east and west.
    Conducting iridescent lights over our purple and orange sunset.
    Vibrating quasars, pulsating from deeply inside outer space.
    Focusing on the huge magnetic Receiving Dish, signalling “An Arrival”.

    Recording a Celestial Traveler, singing with an Angel’s voice.
    Resonating sweetly, like Handel’s Messiah Hallelujah Chorus.
    Translated into our universal language of symphonic sound.
    Digitally televised for the world’s population to simultaneously view.

    The Super-Sonic Cosmic message to be heard loud and clear.
    “We’ve returned to your degraded planet, earth”
    “To again, bestow upon you, Peace and Goodwill”
    “Like we’ve done before, Eons of Millenniums ago”.

  3. I suppose it makes sense that someday something huge could hit the Earth again. I wonder what some alien race would make of us?

    You made me think of the movie, “Melancholia,” where a giant planet is going to hit Earth, but everyone just goes about their lives. (It’s not an action sci-fi film.)

    1. Oh I remember you saying you worked in astronomy for a while…perhaps I wouldn’t sleep so easy if I knew about all of these near misses!

  4. Good poem .Sherry’s comment echoes my thoughts. It is greed and our obscene materialism that will destroy us.We are powerless against a giant asteroid and will always be. Pity that a lot of folk do not understand that we are but a grain of sand in the cosmos and a much greater controlling force which we will never fully understand exists

  5. I loved these lines,
    “If only you’d left more art behind
    as alien buried treasure:
    less nuclear waste, less plastic, a
    habitable atmosphere”
    You’ve weaved a beautiful poem, Ingrid. 🙂

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