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A spinning spider I, Arachne
weaving with thread my tangled web
oh, won’t you stay with me?

Little fly so tender
so succulent: upon my web you bob.
Teetering on my legs so long and slender

I hurry to the feast.
There’s no buzz now, nor any zzub  
from you, your struggle ceased

but, how your blood delights me!
So delicious I could sob
with satisfaction, for I was so hungry

now you, a dried up husk 
bob lifeless at the centre of my web
I’ll build a new one, in the sun I’ll bask

awaiting my next visitor
I’ll lie, but I’m no slob:
soon as the net vibrates, I’ll be right over…

Oh, you – yes you (Dear reader!)
won’t you join the feast?

🕷🕷🕷 🕷🕷🕷

Written for dVerse

Tonight, Sarah hosts Poetics, and has asked us to write a poem about creepy crawlies or insects, preferably from their own viewpoint. She takes inspiration from the sonnets of Paul Brookes and Les Murray. Much as I love sonnets, I found myself weaving a different kind of form for this prompt. And for a bit of fun, I had my spider break the fourth wall at the end of the poem…

Join us from 3pm EST for more bug-inspired poems.


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  1. So much fun, this is actually reminds me of the spiders that Bilbo met in the Mirkwood… I think being invited for dinner with such a beast I would probably decline (and not just because I’m not partial to dead flies

  2. Ingrid I love how you turned to the reader at the end and invited them to join you. The tiny spiders are cute touch. It is amazing how they are able to run along the web but everything else gets stuck to it.

  3. I do not like spiders, said Glenn I am, not here or in Siam. Your multiple haiku format is very clever. I once had to kill 100 black widows, but that’s a story for another time.

  4. I imagine this as a golden orb spider. In the summer at my parents’ place, they build enormous webs between the stringy barks and they sit dead centre – like the suns in their own galaxies. As long as you don’t accidentally walk into them, they are amazing. Dark coloured with brilliant orange stripes. I certainly don’t like spiders on me (or share their food preferences) but they are amazing creatures.

  5. this is a lot of fun, Ingrid, “There’s no buzz now, nor any zzub”. That reversal will stick in my head!
    “upon my web you bob”…..has a great lilt to it!

  6. Oh, that was fun to read but, I have a scary looking spider building a big web on my deck. I am hoping he goes away. I tried to knock down the web before he had a catch but, in the morning it was there again.

  7. Since I’ve lived in the countryside I’ve overcome my absolute horror of spiders. Garden spiders are beautiful though I wouldn’t want one running over me. Draw the line at house spiders though, the huge things that don’t seem to spin webs, just race around like headless chickens.

    1. I agree that those are the most terrifying. I’ve never seen one since I left the UK, thank God! I think they must come indoors to escape the rain.

  8. What fun to read, Ingrid! I like the myth of Arachne and the perspective of the spider. I am actually quite fond of spiders so I was very much on its side! (I may be alone here!) 😀

  9. Very engaging verse, Ingrid! <3 Spiders are fun to watch. We have quite a few spider egg cases outside. We did vacuum up the ones in the door casing above the garage door that were too close for comfort. The question is, should we get rid of them or leave them to eat the ants? We ask ourselves the same question about some tiny, not-very-aggressive wasps. 🙂

  10. I love your web you spun of spiders but I do have a rule. They can’t live in my house I try not to kill them but if you’re in my house it stands for no certainty Especially if I don’t find them when someone else does

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