Waiting for happy news #poetry #poem

Waiting for happy news
to come across the radio
waves, I’m stuck home with the blues
waiting for happy news.

Waiting for happy news
which might come in an email:
‘Well done! You’ve won! We love
your work.’ Instead, inside
it’s dark, I wait for happy news.

Waiting for happy news:
the cure! So simple
and a medical profession who recognise
there are millions like me stuck at home
waiting for happy news.

Waiting for happy news: drone strikes which kill innocent civilians 
outlawed under international law
and no-one wants to fire them anymore
and regimes built on hatred fall
like my dreams to the floor
where I wake up still wanting more:
waiting for happy news.

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Another PMDD day

When PMDD is at its worst, it’s hard to get out of bed and face the day. It’s even harder to face the headlines. But I try to remember never to give up hope. This poem is inspired by the poetry of Ivor Steven, a poet who has a unique talent for finding the silver lining behind every dark cloud. Thank you, Ivor!

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  1. Thank you the honourable mention Ingrid … I am always thrilled to see my name on other bloggers sites … the sharing and caring by fellow bloggers on WordPress is wondrously heart-warming and gratifying … and I am never waiting long before the next piece of happy news .. 😊🤗💛

  2. Writing and sharing can be an antidote when you’re suffering. I admire your positivity Ingrid in never giving up hope, and I hope its not a long wait. Having read some of your posts on PMDD, it sounds like a truly awful condition to have.

    1. Thank you Marion. When you consider that women in their twenties are having hysterectomies because of it, that gives some idea of how bad it is.

  3. The news is depressing. It all became too much for me last year. Your work, on the other hand, offers so much to all of us – inspiration, motivation, creativity, reflection, a call to action, and of course, good news. Sending you light and love, always. 💖

  4. I think the whole world is waiting for happy news, these days, as dark forces have taken over social media. I so resonated with your words. However I am looking out my window at blue sky, the air is so fresh, and the morning is making me happy. Have a good one, Ingrid.

  5. Your poem is beautiful and poignant. We have all been through enough “stuff” to relate to some degree. Sometimes good news is hard to find. I try to limit my news time. Hope you feel better soon, Ingrid. <3 <3 <3

  6. Ingrid, I don’t know if you have time to check this out, but I have always enjoyed reading JoAnna’s ” Good News Tuesday” feature on her website, “Anything is Possible.” 🙂


  7. Beautifully written. It’s a cruel time Ingrid. Perhaps times will always like this. But good news come from time to time. May good news come to you. May you feel better, appreciated, and loved.
    Love you hon.

  8. Blissful poetry, framed in a unique way. The styling and other things are done wonderfully. The content is no doubt may not have a rhyming, bus contains great meaning. Waiting for more.

  9. Ingrid, this touched me deeply. To be in so much pain yet write so beautifully is truly admirable. I do hope you get some good news regarding relief from PMDD. Hang in there, we all love you. ❤️

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