Stoned Love #quadrille #dVerse

One day 
I’ll be immortalised
just like Prešeren

my statue in the town square
will gaze longingly 
at your head carved in stone
upon a building opposite 

eternally, while tourists pause
to read the tale below
of how I never did get over you.

© All Rights Reserved.

A flight of fancy for dVerse

Tonight, De is hosting Quadrille, and has asked us to include the word ‘stone’ in our poems of exactly 44 words.

France Prešeren is Slovenia’s national poet. His unrequited love for merchant’s daughter Julija Primic would haunt him throughout his life, and is reputed to have confessed on his deathbed that he had never forgotten her. His statue in Prešernov Trg, Ljubljana looks across the square to a stone bust of Julija (pictured above.) The stuff that poetry is made of, no?

Prešeren Statue: DancingPhilosopher – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

87 thoughts on “Stoned Love #quadrille #dVerse

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  1. If only in petrified afterlife they can be together, I think he’s satisfied. It’s enough to regard her across the courtyard. Such a bittersweet ending that never began 🙁

  2. Requited love is shite for poetry, but unrequited love is a powerful Muse. I always look forward to reading what you create.

  3. That backstory makes me appreciate your poem all the better. How lovely. Love does that to people. Three cheers for Love. Yes! Thanks for sharing, Ingrid. You rock. ( 🪨) 👏

  4. A graceful curve of a poem that is soft as that stone cheek, yet equally firm, pulling us along the journey of the heart, from observer, to participant. Skillfully wrought and immediate in impact.

  5. An engaging and creative use of the “stone” prompt. An intriguing tale that adds another layer to your poem. Thank you for sharing. I enjoy learning about local poets when I am in new places. 😄

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