Some scenes from my life #dVerse #Cadralor

Borrowdale rain sings
dancing on slate-grey rooftop 
a rainbow paints the sky

London’s fields echo
with the sound of children playing
all the colours of joy

Barcelona’s patchwork streets
bewilder before welcoming
Trencadís enchantment

Malaga seethes 
mirage upon marble
the sea softly sighs

Clouds hang over Istria
stormwinds cry in chorus
where are you now?

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Another Cadralor for dVerse

This form is addictive! Having read lots of cadralore via Bjorn’s Meeting the Bar challenge, I felt inspired to try another. I think I could go on writing these all day. They are rather therapeutic…

Image by Nikolaus Bader from Pixabay

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  1. I’m not familiar with the format Ingrid, but you have woven a wondrous journey through each stanza … and personally I understand the therapeutic value of your poem … .. and here is a fascinating video/music clip I found today, which you might like .. 🌏💛🌝

  2. I know where those images were taken. Beautiful second offering, Ingrid, and I know what you mean about them being therapeutic to write!

  3. I just recently had written a poem that referenced Malaga (wine) and here it is again, following me around! 😉 This poem is kind of a Where Is Carmen San Diego? of the heart.

  4. such a delightful snapshot of your life Ingrid … can see how it’s cathartic and a useful tool to bring our pieces together! Well done and I love the pic 🙂

  5. gaaaaaaaaah. i miss so much of beautiful forms but your rendering is really beautiful. love the snapshots you presented here and that last longing line is just <3

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