Reclusive Romance #poetry #dVerse

What do you know of me?
I’ve been up for hours whilst you lay sleeping.
I’ve heard the wind whisper, and the moon sing
Don’t tell me you know me.

What do you think of me?
Little, if anything: 
mind my own business, am always in hiding.
Don’t think you can know me.

What do you want of me?
What is so interesting? 
Do you find watching my life so amusing?
I want you to leave me.

What do I know of you?
Always interior, looking within,
and so I admit with a smile and a grin that
I know nothing of you.

What do I think of you?
You’re really quite handsome, from what I have seen:
your eyes are like diamonds, your smile is serene…
I don’t often think of you.

What do I want of you?
Hard to explain it, where to begin?
I couldn’t support ever letting you in
but the truth is, I want you.

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Image by 明辉 李 from Pixabay

Sharing with dVerse

It’s Open Link Night Live at dVerse tonight, where you are invited to join us and read a poem live. Alternatively, you can simply link up a favourite poem. I had fun with this one, imagining an imagined romance between two reclusive people!

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  1. Haha! Really enjoyed the “contradictions” and to and fro of thoughts, much like on a swing, or if it takes two, a see saw…brought down to earth with a bump then pushed up again. This is the kind of poetry that is a delight to read!

  2. Well the wifi here is so bad it unbelievably looks like it threw away my comment! I’ll try again….I really really enjoyed thus, the “contradictions, like a swing swinging to and fro, or if two people then a see saw, bouncing down to earth (with a bump!) then floating ip carelessly into the sky..this is the type of poetry I very much enjoy reading..if my first comment comes back apologies for the repeats!

  3. This is absolutely stunning, Ingrid! I especially like; “What do I know of you? Always interior, looking within, and so I admit with a smile and a grin that I know nothing of you.” 💝💝

  4. Lots of questions … do we ever know the answers … do we want to know the truth …
    how deep is the river
    how cold is the water
    how strong is the current
    why do we still jump in
    why do we still try to swim …..

      1. Here’s a preview for you ..
        “We Are Strange”

        how high is the sky?
        how warm is the air?
        how strong is wind?

        can we fly without?
        our hearts

        how deep is the river?
        how cold is the water?
        how strong is the current?

        will we ever know?
        the answers

        why do we still jump in?
        why do we still try to swim

        do we want to know?
        the truth

  5. We are all strangers to each other and ourselves in that conversation of the heart. And who knows the answers, who even knows which lines are the truth and which hide something else. A fascinating and perceptive poem.

  6. Ooh, this is intriguing, Ingrid! I enjoyed being led through this internal dialogue. I really like the last stanza particularly 🙂

    Admittedly I was looking forward to seeing your Slovenian poem here! (With translation!). It was lovely hearing you read it the other night.

  7. a fascinating kaleidoscope of questions with a sprinkle of risky truth … really enjoyed this realistic love poem! A leap above the usual hallmark tripe …

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