Can we steal away? #poetry #earthweal

I should have been writing
glued to my desk in darkness but
the Sun called
just to say
‘Can we steal away now:
over the mountains
I’ll lead you
and nothing more you’ll have to do
than follow your heart’s desire 
say, wouldn’t you just love to?’

And what was I to do:
I, who am so much a fool
for winter sunlight
that I’ll brave the cold all day for it?
Defrosting myself now
writing this message
just to say:
‘Dear Sun-across-the-hills,
I’m glad I chose to steal away
with you.’

Written for earthweal

This week, Brendan has asked us to ‘share a poem in praise of this Earth, this life, the heart and its deep love for the world around us. Let’s give thanks, earthweal style.’

I was glad to read this prompt, as I’d already drafted the above poem last night after a cold winter walk among my native Cumbrian mountains. I am so in love with these mountains that returning to them held all the heady enchantment of returning to a first love: it’s even enough to make me put my writing aside…for a little while 🙂

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  1. Such a beautiful, uplifting poem. I resonate with you being in love with your mountains. I wrote about how in love I am with Clayoquot Sound. Thank heaven for nature’s beauty – and she is so generous with it. I love your poem!

    1. Thank you Sherry. I’ve been lucky enough to visit and live in some beautiful places over the years, but these mountains are most special to me because they are where I grew up.

  2. Mary Oliver had a little quote in one of her poems: “‘I miss my husband so,’ said Mrs. Blake. ‘He spends so much of his time in heaven.'” This call to play — to “steal away” by one’s second family — is joy I always feel when heading for my morning walk. To join the world in paradise. Amen.

  3. I envy your hike in the mountains. I miss my mountains but have moved away. Your poem transported me back to them. I loved reading this.

  4. Sometimes one needs to steal away to recharge their batteries. My son and I were once called upon to steal away for a day by the arrival of a new octopus at the butterfly pavilion. I know, it isn’t called the octopus pavilion, but they do have an octopus! I felt so much more creative after our visit to the creepy crawlies and swimmy critters and flappy things.
    ~ornery owl~

  5. oh such a beautiful write and so glad you got away.. Love the song too.. I was soooo happy to see you were writing away and I didn’t miss much.. as I’m tongue and hand tied with all of the visits here. Sending love and glad you’re having fun with your sweet boys💖👏

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