Fading Autumn #poetry #poem

I cannot wear this Fading Autumn on my skin
reminding me of all that might have been
a sigh, a hope, a vision and a dream
all gone, one day at dawn
and I’m alone.

Scent of that Fading Autumn on the air
back when I had a chance to meet you there
now I can only find you in the night
when waking thoughts
take flight.

I cannot wear this Fading Autumn anymore
nor can I bear to live in days gone by:
the dream is done, we’re poles apart
(yes we are, you and I)
this race is lost
and won.

But let me breathe this Fading Autumn in the rain
as through the mists you came
and shyly smiled:
I doubt that I shall ever see that loving smile again
this fading Autumn lingers
all the while.

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64 thoughts on “Fading Autumn #poetry #poem

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  1. the smell of Autumn blows right through those repeat lines – with such tender notes of longing and regret
    “now I can only find you in the night
    when waking thoughts
    take flight”

  2. The first two lines, then the first three, and first stanza ripple through emotions almost ‘effortlessly,’ so powerful and smooth is the writing…and what 2, 3 lines the poem starts with…(what denouement, if one glances at the last 2) ..poetry likes this is what makes reading, as well as the obvious writing, an art form. I feel that reading this well, taking in the scents, emotions and images really is an art, perhaps more than a mere ‘receptive’ one.

      1. Hope I expressed it right — I think (such) good poetry must be read well, and that must be an art, albeit a singular, personal one much of the time.

  3. This is incredibly evocative, Ingrid! 💝💝 I love the idea of breathing “Fading Autumn in the rain.”

  4. What a special Muse, and clever poem that works on several levels. A fragile love seems to be dying in harmony with Fall, as you brace for Winter and being alone. Good word-smithing too.

  5. Oh my, you had me from the first line, Ingrid. The repetition and rhyme was so soothing. Memories can truly linger like the scent of perfume…..

  6. The rain washes away the tears and cools the skin. Autumn leaves but winter comes.

    Nice one


  7. Wow! the photo is spectacular! Your poem has a feeling of melancholy which often comes this time of year with shorter days and cold weather. The good thing is spring will come and your dreams lost this year can be revisited!
    Well done!

  8. Oh, I like this. Gucci will be sad to lose you! I feel the same way about Hugo Red. I just can’t ever wear it again.

  9. I love that last line. It speaks of regret, but also about moving on. I had no idea Fading Autumn is a perfume (or is it for the purposes of your poem only?), but the line about breathing it is so evocative too.

  10. Many layers in your lines and no doubt many layers in the lingering perfume that inspired these gorgeous lines, that remind me how strongly scents can be tied to certain memories. Gucci should sponsor this post!

  11. Ingrid,
    I like the structure of your poem. The different versions of the first line in each stanza create a lovely echo throughout. This line is my favorite, “I cannot wear this Fading Autumn on my skin”
    Take good care and keep sharing your voice.

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