Dear Politicians of My Country #poetry #earthweal

Dear Politicians of My Country,
I saw the news today:
a new variant of the virus, you say
comply or die.

You have no need of terrorists
to scare us into submission anymore
this invisible foe
strikes fear into our core.

Though it will spell the end for some of us
it takes the focus off 
the sum of all fears
which may well spell the end for all of us.

Every day, every headline should say
‘Change our ways immediately 
or die, forget our children’s futures and
abandon all our hopes along the way.’

And as for you, Dear Politicians of My Country,
do I have cause to fear your tyranny
in raising my dissenting voice to say
you’ve done worse than nothing?

I could worry about it, but I won’t, because I know
you’re not listening anyway: 
you’re too busy feathering your own nests
Dear Politicians of My Country.

Written for earthweal

Today, as Sherry writes at earthweal of the apocalyptic destruction wrought by an ‘atmospheric river’ in British Columbia, she asks us to:

write Verse Letters: a form of address, akin to dramatic monologue, to all parties involved – letters to the lost, perhaps; to those who caused the extinction;  or to those of us who are in the middle. They can be letters to fossil fuels, windmills, dead zones, to new life. I think I know who I want to address!

I also didn’t have too much trouble deciding to whom I should address my letter:

36 thoughts on “Dear Politicians of My Country #poetry #earthweal

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      1. It’s interesting that imposing travel restrictions has not protected any of us from covid. And another variant springs up… and the first thing the politicians wish to do is to impose restrictions.
        We’re not dealing with intelligent people here.

      2. I think the politicians are cleverly keeping us exactly where they want us: afraid and obedient. I wonder what they’ll do once there are climate refugees within our towns and cities?

      3. I think a lot of them work on the principle that they’ll be out of office before it happens. I mean, we can all say that but if we do, nothing ever gets better. And already people like Morrison got their fingers burned.

  1. Funny photos to poke fun on the politician haha. But really, the issue is well expressed.
    As for me, no one needs to tell me to stay put. I don’t want to go anywhere but where I am.
    This new variant puts more strain on all of us. I hope all our politicians rise and put the needs of its citizens at the forefront. Do that or step down.
    Thanks for this eloquently expressed open letter. Be well, dear Ingrid. xo

  2. it takes the focus off
    the sum of all fears – so true… makes you wonder what it would take to get the same kind of massive response to the climate crisis – mandates and restrictions and what not – that came in the wake of covid from all corners of the globe. .

  3. This is the sad unvarnished truth. I look at their complacent privileged faces, hear their empty words, see their inaction, and it is so frustrating. So well said, Ingrid.

  4. OMG. Go ahead and peak truth to power! These words are powerful enough to make someone in power listen.
    “you’re not listening anyway:
    you’re too busy feathering your own nests”

  5. In Florida, I feel the pandemic has also been mismanaged, but in the opposite direction. It took much too long for people to take the virus seriously here. The side-by-side photos of Boris and the duck made me smile! Have a great day, Ingrid! 🙂

    1. I understand that rules need to be imposed to prevent the spread and this just didn’t happen under Trump. But I don’t feel particularly afraid now I’m double vaccinated, and I feel politicians want us to stay afraid! Thank you for reading Cheryl 😊

  6. Homo sapiens is a failed species, and its culture is wholly inept at handling earth-wide problems like pandemic or climate change or the inevitable displacements due to digital disruption. And Western democracies can’t manage personal freedom with collective responsibility. The poem works with its repeated figure of “Dear Politicians of My Country.”

  7. Great post, Ingrid. It’s happening in my country as well. Honestly, like many others, I think this “variant” garbage they spew is a means to control us through fear. This isn’t to say that COVID isn’t real because it is. However, I believe that they’ve made a mountain out of a molehill. Have you noticed that when COVID arrived, the common cold, pneumonia, and the flu suddenly disappeared? I guess COVID killed all those ailments. 🙂 Things that make you go hmmmmm…

    1. I think it’s right to take precautions and try to reduce the number of deaths, but I don’t buy all this bogeyman stuff. We have a lot more than covid to be afraid of right now!

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