The Mountains In Between #poetry

‘Like this tired, troubled earth
I’ve been reaching since my birth’

– Stevie Wonder, A Place In The Sun

Further and further away from home
my travels took me, first
to Manchester’s urban emptiness
to deep-dive into verse.

I sing the mountains in between 
always returning to this first scene

Then to Newcastle, where I explored
the ruins of the ancient past
clues scratched in clay, as if to say,
‘I lived here once, returned at last.’

I sing the mountains in between 
always returning to this first scene

The London’s fields called out to me
a foundling on a jumbled sea
of multilayered history
bewitched, enchanted equally.

I sing the mountains in between 
always returning to this first scene

Barcelona: beautiful horizon
drenched in Mediterranean sun
love lingers in her streets still
in my dreams I return.

I sing the mountains in between 
always returning to this first scene

Malaga melting marble in
the mirage of a late-June afternoon 
waking from the dream which almost killed me
none too soon.

I sing the mountains in between 
always returning to this first scene

To dream into sobriety 
inspired by some power, higher
breathing words of love to me:
rekindling a fire.

I sing the mountains in between
always returning to this first scene

Slovenia, od kod lepo te tvoje?*
Yet still I couldn’t stay, for I’m 
a stranger here and everywhere
though still I dare

to sing the mountains in between 
always returning to this first scene

let me rest here.

© All Rights Reserved.

Written for earthweal

This week, Brendan delves into the shamanic initiation rituals of ancient societies, and asks us to:

write a journey-poem. If you were a famous explorer, what new worlds could you say you’ve found? What treasures hard to find have you come back with? What have you learned about story-telling? Where do tellings fail? And what of the Earth’s own journey into this strange, post-Holocene era? How is your journey entwined with that tale?

*’Slovenia, from whence derives your beauty?’

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  1. I’m listening to the Stevie Wonder song as I’m reading your poem, and the lyrics are beautifully appropriate for the journey of your wonderful poem …

  2. What an amazing journey Ingrid, and what a poignant poem. I relate so strongly to the refrain about the mountains and to the word “home” and to the feeling of being a foreigner where you are. This brought tears to my eyes. Wonderful.

  3. The journey seems to be of place — how many way-stations along the way? — each with something unfolding in its palm, never final enough. But that place between the mountains, the inner shore the spirit reaches each time a new land is sighted: for me that’s the gift that came with sobriety, and astounding inner realm that told me the kingdom of heaven truly is within. Great journey poem, Ingrid, and the Stevie Wonder clip soars.

  4. An eventful journey. In our small village in France, there were people who had never travelled at all. Literally. A trip to the nearest large town, twelve miles away, was the limit of their world. I’m not knocking that as a way of life, but it isn’t something I could have done.

  5. I like how Brendan uses the word way-stations. That is what the landscape is, a resting place for the larger journey. You’ve expressed it well. (K)

  6. A beautiful journey, Ingrid, both the travels and your inner journey. Thank you for sharing your beautiful experiences and your triumphs over the challenges of your life! May you continue to enjoy satisfaction and success. <3

  7. So beautiful. You have traveled far – and returned home. I love the refrain, and those beautiful mountains that grounded and called to you.

  8. Thank you for sharing your words in beautiful poetry with such adventure and wisdom and continuous introspection. Stevie Wonder sets the tone so perfectly. I love your repeat!

  9. A wonderful journey for us and most certainly, self-exploration and discovery for you. Lovely musical pairing and nice use of imagery and poetic refrain. 🎵

  10. That’s a very beautiful account of a restless life. I hope you find peace and a long term place to be back in your beloved mountains.

      1. I’ve moved around all my life too though I haven’t lived overseas very much. I seem to have wound up in a busy coastal town I’m not that crazy about – moving about is getting increasingly difficult in this country.

  11. I sure hope you intend to sing this or send it to a singer to set in a tune. Though it tells multiple stories, it’s a ballad with a story of return–both to place and to self. Bravo!

  12. I wonder – do we belong to places… or do places belong to us?
    The real estate agent might say the latter. But I wonder. ~

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