What do normal people do? #poetry #dVerse

What do normal people do?
I’ve seen them clean their cars
and cut the grass.
I think they watch TV
and talk about the weather.
I wonder if they ever
wonder what they’re doing here? 
Or if they are content
just being normal.

Where do normal people go?
They go to work
in some countries 
they go to church, or synagogue 
or mosque:
whatever’s normal
in the country
where they are.
Do they ever stop to wonder what’s afar?
Do they live their lives hiding from what they fear?

Normal people
distrust strangers
like convention
follow rules
spy on the neighbours
gossip often:
poor dull fools!
I wake up every morning with a prayer
upon my lips, Dear
God, thank you
with all my heart
that you saw fit
to make me anything
but normal.

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  1. Stunning..and some lines really ring true…of that distrust, and gossip. I should say unbearably true, actually. Enjoyed hearing it read live.

      1. Exactly! And I think it was your creative spirit that led you to look beyond “the well.” (can’t remember the story but it’s about some critters in a well and one decides to leave it and explore the world.)

  2. Ingird, I appreciate the inquiry posed by your poem. Whatever is normal depends on where you are standing and what lens you have chosen to look through, unless you just want to be told what to think.
    I think you and I could have some wonderful discussions involving more questions than answers. (I love that kind of conversation.) Thanks for bringing your words out into the light today.

  3. I think like that too. But I’m not always convinced it’s true. I’m not always convinced that there is a “normal” person. I wonder if society made them up … another generalisation. Another handy box. But we’ve moved our kids to a more alternative school this year and I have to say… I feel much more at home there than I did at the local public school. So maybe, at least, I can say that some people refuse to accept the limitations of “normal” more openly than others.

  4. Every now and then through my life, I would decide that I was going to try to blend. I never fooled anyone. Thank you for an anthem to us weirdos!

  5. If I prayed Ingrid, I would definitely have found a new prayer here in your piece. I have never found anyone/anything to pray to. Creating my art, writing my words — in that deep concentration and release of temporal awareness, at wander in space and time, lost in the pulse of wilderness… therein I find my essence of prayer. I have never been accused of being normal — and isn’t that wonderful for both of us.

    1. Poetry is my answered prayer, Rob! I find God in the words, or the spaces between them. But we each have our own spiritual journey. So glad neither of us can be accused of being normal!

  6. Anything but normal indeed! You are anything but normal it the best possible way! Your energy and creativity bring joy to all of us. I love your poem.

  7. ” We are normal and we want our freedom
    We are normal and we dig Burt Weedon ”
    the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band said it all !! great poem.

  8. Okay so you want to define your own normal.
    Like a pandemic perhaps 😊

    Covid 19 has given us normal folks a new normal. All good.
    I enjoyed reading your poem and your appreciation of self rising out of the “doldrums”


  9. Normalcy is highly over-rated, I find. And its the normal people who walk us all into things we’d be better off without. Your poem made me think of the Poe line, “There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion.”

  10. Lovely to see and hear you read, Ingrid! I hope you have a great festive period in the UK while you’re here and hope Boris the bungling bear doesn’t upset you too much 😀 <3

  11. This is a distinctively memorable poem. I loved the questions posed, sound like making a point and then opening up a discussion about it with the reader, a psychological reasoning as they read the poem. You write well dear, so charming. Keep up the good work. Poetry on another level. 💖💥💐

  12. I am too lol. No wait. It depends on what and how you define normal. I think I’m normal but I the eyes of the conservative I wouldn’t be 🤔 So what is actually being normal? What is the threshold? Or where is the line between normal and not like weird. But I guess you meant normal as in common? Sorry to overphilosophy you 🙈

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