Words Stop My Heart/Shadow Sister #poetry

Words stop my heart
flee in the light
like dust borne on the breeze
and though we’re centuries apart
your spirit oversees
this place, these hills
the humble hearth
where once your children cried
above the grave your spirit soars
beyond the mountainside.

*** ***

Shadow sister
walking the path
between darkness and light
loyal footsteps

‘Emotion recollected in tranquility’

…that’s how William Wordsworth described poetry, but the above poems represent my immediate reaction to visiting the Wordsworth family grave plot, and their former home in Dove Cottage, Grasmere. It was certainly an emotional experience. The first poem is for William, the second for Dorothy. There will be more…

Sharing with earthweal’s Open Link Weekend.

The Featured Image shows Helm Crag above Grasmere. The rocky outcrop at the summit is nicknamed ‘The Lion and The Lamb.’

Wordsworth's grave
The Wordsworth family grave plot in St Oswald’s Church, Grasmere

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  1. Wow! Beautiful countryside and photos, wonderful poetry, history speaking through the ages – it is a feast in here! Loved it all. How wonderful to have been right there, feeling the past around you.

  2. Beautiful and sad ! Life and death, shadow and light…ours memories. I love your poem Ingrid ! Thank you!

  3. Heart-touching poem and lovely photos, Ingrid! <3 As a child, I walked around many graveyards, reading the stones. I remember one grave with a stone sculpted like a lamb, the grave of an infant. The image of that stone still remains in my memory.

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