‘Persephone: A Sonnet’ published at Free Verse Revolution

I am on holiday (honest!) but just wanted to tell you about this fantastic new publication, Issue IV of Free Verse Revolution Literary Magazine, which is available for download now. The theme was Hades (the Unseen), and I opted to write a sonnet on Persephone, kidnapped by Hades and unseen for half of the year:

Sunk deep into the dark half of the year
Persephone lies weeping underground 
and no one watches where she sheds a tear
for distant spring when she shall rise unbound

Download your copy to read the rest of the poem, and the many other fantastic poems and prose pieces on offer! This issue also features photography by Leona. Many thanks to editor Kristiana for all the hard work she does at FVR, and for her continued support of my work.

Expect more formal poetry (including sonnets) from me in the New Year. I’m going to try and write more of these…

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  1. Well done, Ingrid, and congratulations!

    I especially like these lines:

    “and all the earth is dressed in winter clothing
    in fields barren, where once spring lambs were born”

    And your closing couplet:

    “The hibernation of all joy awaits
    spring resurrected: she shall not be late.”

    btw… your link gores to the jpg of the issue cover. Here is the link to the issue:


  2. I love your sonnet! Those last few lines are so wonderful! Thank you for featuring my work in your post! It has been such a pleasure to meet new writing friends and read awesome poems! Happy Holidays!

  3. You’re awesome at all this. I admire you so! Sending much love to you for the holiday season! Big hugs Ingrid! xoxo πŸ™β€οΈ

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