Derwentwater in Winter – A Sonnet

How clear-shone this resplendent glacial lake
lit in gloss sheen where cloud breaks in to show
over the hills the earth is lit awake
as if illumined by some ancient vow:

There is no bottom to this mirror-glass
no depths or shallows which can be defined
here on the shore where pilgrim feet do pass
and lovers with their hearts and hands entwined

see but the edge of it, the centre bright
by broad sunlight is lit with colours strange
the palette of a mortal heart alight
which only God’s own art might blend, or change

into a reverent un-whispered prayer
which dies upon the lips, and yet lives there.

Sharing with earthweal

It isn’t Sonnet Sunday, but I felt like sharing this sonnet, inspired by a visit to Derwentwater on a crisp December day. Sharing with earthweal’s Open Link Weekend #98.

32 thoughts on “Derwentwater in Winter – A Sonnet

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  1. What a lovely photo, perfectly composed, beautiful light and reflections.!The sonnet is graceful and lovely, very classic!
    I hope you enjoyed the excursion. I enjoyed this post. All the best, Ingrid! πŸ™‚

  2. Extraordinary. What I really like here, Ingrid, are the inversions: ‘clear-shone’, ‘mirror-glass’, ‘colours strange’; the reflections, the visuals, the flow, the couplet-mirrors. And, of course, that colon!

    1. What I really like is that you have pointed out things I didn’t realise about my own poem 😊 the colon was deliberate, of course x

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