In Nice – A Rimas Dissolutas #poetry #dVerse

Paint your palette
pastel pink china blue
terracotta ochre
palette of the city streets
dream of the Impressionist

Get your feet wet
puddles pool a rainbow hue
and they evoke – her
sense of life in half-heartbeats
crosses off a bucket list

Are you ready yet?
The canvas calls, a neige fondu
somehow awoke her:
candy apples, such sweet treats
as life is made of – days like this

© 2022 All Rights Reserved.

Written for dVerse

Tonight, Sanaa hosts Poetics, and has asked us to take inspiration from French literature, either by writing a Rima Dissoluta (see her post for details of the form), or a poem inspired by France. I chose to do both, although I made it rather difficult for myself by including the word ‘ochre’…

Enjoying a neige fondu (slush) in Nice with Benji, May 2020

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  1. This is incredibly impressive, Ingrid! I especially admire; “Are you ready yet? The canvas calls, a neige fondu
    somehow awoke her,” you went the extra mile and it shows 🙂 thank you so much for writing to the prompt mon amour 💝💝

  2. Wowza! I’m still trying to get my head around this form but I feel you beautifully nailed it!

  3. Rendered gorgeously.

    The short sentences really help sweep you through the piece and give it that musical rhythm.

    The word choices are elegantly sat, an eloquent to the minds ear.

    It certainly has captured a French air. Really sensuous, and passionate, without being showy. Very classy.

  4. i have only been to paris ( which i did not enjoy) but nice sounds nice. and the picture is just brilliant it goes well with the poem as a memeory of your trip. both wonderful and light.

      1. I never managed to master any other than english. I did try french and Italian but can now only recall a small handful of words from both. Due to lack of use and abulilty

      2. After speaking with a young lady from rural France even some of the french are not fond of the parisians in the same way us from rural England are not fond if Londoners. It must be a city thing. Anyway enough of the winging got to get on as am at work

  5. The words roll off the tongue and seem to evoke the taste of coffee and un ballon de rouge when I read…really like the sounds knitted and patterned together in this poetry here, very nice, very evocative..

  6. I’ve only ever stopped over in Nice on the way to Rome. We were with a couple of Occitans and they weren’t impressed. I remember it being a very rowdy evening and the other diners in the restaurant not being impressed with us 🙂

  7. Such rich and gorgeous imagery throughout your poem, Ingrid. It’s so easy to get sucked into it that you just don’t want it to end. Beautiful. <3

  8. This is wonderful, Ingrid!! I am behind in my blogging so I just read the prompt and went “Wow! That looks hard to make sense of!” and then next I read yours and it’s bang on and totally beautiful.

    1. 😊 thank you for your kind comment! I’ve just been reading Wordsworth on how poetry must always be about giving pleasure to the reader. Glad this worked for you!

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