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Over the drab, dull red-brick houses
a rainbow spans its arc across the sky:
heavy with rain, slate-grey
spectacular, the trees 
swayed by the winds’ envy
brace for rain

looks like it’s happening again…

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Sharing with earthweal

This week, Sherry has asked us to write poems of gratitude:

you can go small or big, or use the whole spectrum. Find something you are grateful for and bring it here to us.

It’s true, I’ve had a lot of changes in my life recently, and some days have been pretty tough. But overall, the changes have been positive, and there have been more bright days than dark ones. A rainbow is a perennial symbol of hope, both on a personal level and in the world at large. While we are still here, there is still hope, and so we must keep on singing.

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  1. Love…happening again. How I adore that! Rainbows have always been a symbol of hope to me, I see them as a message from my mother in the spirit world that all will be well.

  2. It’s the simple things that hold the most magic! Your post reminds me of a verse from the Bible, I Corinthians 13:13 “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

  3. I love this poem, as for me, it encompasses the continually cycle of life, the bedrock of which is change. A wonderful poem and reflection on change and gratitude, Ingrid. ☺️

  4. ‘spans its arc’ & ‘spectacular’ –

    It is not yet mid-January, but this coupling will take some beating in the word-music stakes of 2022. You have raised the bar here, Ingrid! x

  5. The rainbow is such a wonderful symbol of life going on, still beautiful, still renewing. I hope you find solace and strength in current difficulties.

  6. A rainbow is always a gift and I love you finding the glad in the drab my friend. You’re doing it and that’s the main thing so well expressed in your poem! Great song! 💖💖 I swear that’s your voice.😘
    💖 Love 💖

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