Punk Pizza #poetry #dVerse

You can choose any flavour
at your leisure 
take your time to linger
take your pleasure: 

Not a problem!
works for you, but not for me

Anarchistic food is fun
breaking all the rules is fun
giving the finger to polite society 
pleases you, amuses me

Life is
a menu:
the only restrictions
are the ones we place upon ourselves

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Written for dVerse

Tonight, Sarah hosts Poetics, and has asked us to write a poem about food! Join us for a poetic feast over at dVerse Poets’ Pub…

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  1. A nice gentle verse bringing us to a very salient point…you make it look so easy!….the link posted was not exactly correct—

  2. This is such a deeply satisfying poem, Ingrid! I especially love; “breaking all the rules is fun/giving the finger to polite society pleases you, amuses me.” Yes!

  3. I can identify with this. Saturday is Pizza Day, here. My wife makes the crust, and I prepare the topping, as many as a half-dozen — from asparagus to eggplant to sun-dried tomatoes — primarily vegetarian, but faux sausage is fair game.

  4. “breaking all the rules is fun”
    Reminds me of a pizza joint in Austin in the ’70s that had a wide variety of ingredients to choose from, including peanut butter.

  5. live is the menu life ffor sure. it keeps us company for so mauch of our lives. our mothers feed us at birth and then we even say goodbye to loved ones over food. great poem.

  6. The only way to make this poem any better would be to cover it with pepperoni slices.
    Seriously dig that closing concept, too, Ingrid. Thanks.

  7. Fun write, Ingrid, I like the serious undertone you snuck in in the last stanza❀️ just as I used to sneak in lots vegetables under the cheese when the kids were younger. πŸ˜€

  8. Those who eat out of the norm always interest me. They leave me wondering how they come up with these ideas! I’m not always brave enough to try them!

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