Poem on Your Birthday

I remember
the coolness of your skin, and your warm heart
the thickness of your hair, and your thin body
seemed like the wind could blow right through you
which it did
it blows through me, too though
it won’t blow me over

I remember
you waiting for me in the school yard
my favourite time of day
and the days you didn’t come
the worst
and the one day you would never come again:
a nightmare

Still, in time there are wild flowers again
and sunny days
there is new life, new love
and still the old, which never left
it’s blowing in the wind
which blows through you
and blows through all things, but cannot destroy
our love

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A poem for my mother

One from the archives: this poem is dedicated to my mother, Elizabeth, who died aged 33. Today would have been her 64th birthday. It’s also dedicated to all those who knew and loved her, and to my children who she never got the chance to meet.

This poem is included in my first solo poetry collection, 40 Poems At 40. Thank you to Michele Lee Sefton for this wonderful review:

Written to celebrate turning forty, poetess Ingrid has gifted the world with her reflective poetry that covers a wide range of subjects. Her poems are relatable and universal, yet they distinctly deliver her unique poetic style and personal journeys, including travels. She is an intuitive and talented writer, and her collection is a must read!

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  1. Beautiful words, I only met your mum once when she came with Jennifer and my mum to visit me at university, and we had fun going into Hull. Xxx

  2. Hi Ingrid,

    Thank you for reaching out to us. This is a beautiful poem dedicated to your mum and it would be an honour to share it on our blog. Connecting with people in this community gives us so much hope.

    Best wishes,

    Katie and Evee

  3. A touching and heartfelt poem Ingrid … your exquisite words about the wind blowing through her, resonated with me deeply .. wonderful memories and a beautiful tribute … πŸ’•πŸ˜

    ” the stirring wind.
    It plays in the fair curls and the sweet smelling roses,
    It plays in the fair curls; the stirring wind.” …. Lyrics from Kaleo’s song, “Vor Γ­ VaglaskΓ³gi”

  4. Ingrid this I found to be a most beautiful tribute to your mum. I know what it is to lose a mum so early in life and I have always thought about her every day of my life. I am older now than she was at the age she died and I think it gives me pause to reflect and your poem has helped me to think about her. Thank you. All the best and greetings from Spain,

    1. I am sorry for your loss. I remember feeling very strange as I passed the age she was when she died. She would not have wanted it any different!

  5. Ingrid, your photo is sweet and your poem, so touching and honoring, it brought me to tears. πŸ’—
    “in time there are wild flowers again” 🌻 Amen to that truth.

    It was a privilege to read your solo collection and write a review. πŸ™πŸ»

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