Seedhead Hope Song #poetry

Derwentwater’s oaken shore
gives onto waters, crystal pure
or so they were, now marred with foam
a plague upon my mountain home

Bracken-clad hillsides’ colours change
with seasons as they rearrange
and sphagnum moss and cotton-grass
wet walker’s bootsteps where they pass

and yew and sedge and ash trees bend
in winds which blow, the boughs to rend
while birdsong of the lark and thrush
ascends with a melodious rush

into the upper atmosphere:
some clearer, brighter, sweeter air
our hopes, though fragile, rising high
as dandelion-seeds dance the sky

© 2022 All Rights Reserved.

For earthweal.

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  1. How eloquently you speak of a walk in nature, Ingrid! The images are beautiful and inspiring. Seeds are a wonderful symbol of the changing seasons and the promise of life continuing.

  2. This is very lovely; it is perfect in rhyme and metre, too. Wonderful. What a glorious landscape you live in.

  3. Your rhyme and meter brings a timeless feel to these vignettes of place. Very lovely, Ingrid, and full of peace at the heart, especially the final lines.

  4. I too am sensing something in the upper atmosphere above the marred world we now inhabit. You express it beautifully.

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