Tsunami #poetry #earthweal

Reports roll in
of a simulation on Russia Today:
a thermonuclear explosion
rolling a tsunami
500m high
over the British Isles

Of course, it’s only posturing
we have our ‘independent nuclear deterrent’
ironically named (against ‘Poseidon’) ‘Trident’
and there must be at least
50 different ways
to end the world

‘If only,’ I think
‘we weren’t experimenting with each
and every one of them
at the same time
I might sleep better:’

From ‘cataclysmic extinction of marine life
recreating ‘the great dying’
to in excess of 1.5c heating
within the next 5 years
but now’s not the time for your tears:
strap in, hold tight

We ride the tsunami
into the unknown
with all our might

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  1. The world seems to get more terrifying each day–and you definitely captured that.

    I’m not sure what the video is–it’s unavailable here.

  2. We are riding the tsunami for sure…………sigh. With all the cacophony, the climate crisis gets pushed aside yet again. Deep flooding in Manitoba right now and BC is worried at the unusual amount of snowmelt that is expected – more flooding. Gah.

    1. There is so much distraction, we can’t see that we’re staring down the barrel of a gun! I don’t know what else to do but keep writing, hoping, praying…

      1. That’s so true Ingrid, the distraction is overwhelming, even for those of us who try to focus beyond it. We have gone beyond madness into uncharted territory. (K)

  3. A frightening situation told with the sensitivity of a talented poet. ✍🏻 I did not know I would be researching Britain’s nuclear weapons system, today, but hey, I am now more informed. 🙏🏻☮️

    1. I am not comfortable with the idea of any kind of nuclear weapons, especially in the hands of a power-crazed madman…

      1. No, of course not. Your position of peace and abundance for the planet is a hallmark of your writing. 🕊️ You have a writer way of addressing the difficult issues while maintaining an awareness of life’s delicate things. 🌻

  4. The threat of nuclear devastation has been around for 75 years, but thought of it had subsided for a time, until someone’s itchy finger got provoked. And what a threat it is, an almost inconceivable magnitude. And the nuclear tsunami is an awful fast forward of centuries of climate change. We must “strap in” for a ride beset with terrors and beasts of the imagination and awful realities coming to fruition with gardens to tend and children to raise and poems to write.

  5. This: “ ‘If only,’ I think
    ‘we weren’t experimenting with each
    and every one of them
    at the same time
    I might sleep better:’ “

    Me too, me too. All man made fiascos. God help us. Xoxo

  6. This is terrifying, Ingrid! How can one egomaniacal little man sitting at the end of a ridiculously long table in a bunker threaten the entire world? Why is it “only the good die young” ?

    “We ride the tsunami into the unknown with all our might.” is an apt description.

  7. the ocean yet comforts me, even with the ongoing rapaciousness of factory fish farms, whale hunts, plastic patches. if the end comes by wave (and I live under 2 kilometers from the ocean) – then what a way to go ~

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