Blastocyst #poetry #poem

With eyes rolled backwards
the blind seer
had a vision
plasma pulsing
iron, boiling
blastocyst, this
place of generation
this enlightened revelation
that the way we understand the world
is wrong
and light drives more
than we in our benighted state
can comprehend
till we explore.

Β© 2022 All Rights Reserved.

Image by ipicgr from Pixabay

Sharing with earthweal’s Open Link Weekend #119, in keeping with Sherry’s ‘Web of Life’ theme. And speaking of generation: I am working hard to turn Wounds I Healed from a manuscript to a book: exciting times! Watch this space for further updates…

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  1. This poem has a spoken word quality. Interesting word choice too, Ingrid – helping us to see the world in different ways. We do see more with our hearts and sensitivities, than our eyes, I do believe.

  2. I love the correction brighter sight affords us, revealing in it shower of light a scansion we cannot achieve left to our rational devices. My St. Oran’s sprung open and his dead mouth spoke the same after he was interred from three days and nights in the foundation of the Iona Abbey: the way you say it is is not the way it is at all!

  3. This sure something to place the mind upon. There’s some sense in saying “the way we understand the world is wrong”. That’s why humans have made it a terrible place to be.

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