First Kiss #poetry #dVerse + WIH update!

As I browse through the catalogue
of our enchanted moments,
I cast my mind back to that first kiss:

Bliss! So chaste and pure, yet shot through with
the promise of much more

So happy we have come this far:
have come to this.

Β© 2022 All Rights Reserved.

Written for dVerse

Tonight, Linda hosts quadrille, where we write 44-word poems to include a given prompt word. This time, the word is ‘browse.’

In other news…I received the paperback proof of Wounds I Healed today, and it is looking good. I’ve surprised even myself at putting this together in two weeks! I also hit 2000 followers on WordPress, and the timing couldn’t be better for reaching this milestone. A huge thank you to all of my followers and regular readers! Stay tuned for further news and exciting announcements, and don’t forget that Gabriela and I will be hosting a live Twitter space on Saturday at 9 am CT – 10 am ET (USA)/ 3 pm BST (UK). You can access this via the following link: – hope to see you there!

Woman holding book
The proof is in the reading…

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  1. Stepping back and thrilling again to a first kiss is a joyful thing to do. Great news on the book, Ingrid. That’s a wonderful photo of you and the book <3

  2. The book looks amazing! I cannot wait for it to reach its final stages. Congratulations on the continuation of your writing journey; today’s poem was lovely! <3

  3. So beautiful, rhythmic, mesmerizing, and riveting, Ingrid, I really love your poem. As well, that sounds so exciting, both the proof and the live Twitter space event. Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations on Everything Ingrid! Yayyyy for 2,0000 followers a lovely poem and banging that book out which we are all soooo excited about!! πŸŒΉπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. Bliss! So chaste and pure, yet shot through with
    the promise of much more

    Ingrid, I honestly can’t figure out how one woman can contain so much awesomeness, as you do…

  6. It’s always good to savor the path we have taken. Too often life pushes us forward too fast to remember what we treasure the most. Congratulations on the book, Ingrid!

  7. How fantastically exciting. I remember holding my first proof of my collection, and there is nothing else like it. Enjoy every second of it. That is such a spectacular cover as well.
    Wonderful quadrille, I really enjoyed the chaste beauty in it.

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