I Dreamt of Autumn Leaves in Summer #poetry

I dreamt of Autumn leaves in Summer:
a row of tall beech trees along the road 
to Dalston, blazing yellow, and a woman said,
‘It starts like this: they’ll pray tomorrow 
and in a few more years, we’ll all be dead.’

I dreamt of seasons turning upside-down
and blood-red furrows fouled the sodden plow
and all of this to those in power was known: 
how it was then, and how it would be now.

I dreamt my child was climbing redbrick stairs
to look out on the sunset, on the sea
and I could hardly curb my mother’s fears
that he should fall, and so be lost to me:

We’ve ignored Nature’s warning signs so long
is all she’ll have to say to prove us wrong.

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Sharing with earthweal

This is a true account of a dream I had a few days ago. I do hope its more a reflection of my current anxieties than a premonition! Sharing with earthweal’s Open Link Weekend #124.

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  1. I would be very worried if I had a young child. I have young grandchildren. This is a beautiful way of expressing a dream. We can only hope to slow down global warming. Thank you 🦋hugs and happy weekend to your family. 🦋

  2. The earth has been warning us for a long time. I think we all have anxieties for the world our children are inheriting–even in the best of times we fear for their well-being.. The vision of the trees is so poignant. (K)

  3. There is so much to love about your poem and about your dream. I’m sure there is an important “message from home” for you within it.

  4. This poem beautifully expresses the time we are living in…..with our human hopes and fears, the beauty all around, and the downward spiral towards an uncertain future – all at the same time. Your images are so powerful, especially the child climbing, and the mother’s fear.

  5. This is so beautifully written, Ingrid–like the world, beautiful but sad.
    I fear for my children and any grandchildren I may have. The earth is being destroyed and our rights are being taken away.

  6. This is beautiful in its simplicity and vivid images. I love the verse about watching a child climb a brick red stair. If anxiety dreams result in this creativity they are to be welcomed!

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