Atlantic Beadlet Anemone #poetry

I found jewels in a barnacled crevice
within the cracked rocks on Cullercoats beach
teetering close to the pools like a novice
saltwater gems within reach

I found gold in the liminal lightspace
in the little-boy-blue of your eyes
in the smile on my son’s cherubic face
in the sea with its pull, with its sighs

I found peace in the sea-plain littoral
peace and joy, which arose as it fell
in the shore-meadows, dazzlingly floral
in the cove carved out by the tide-swell

In the arc of this day I found heaven
anchored here by the pull of this earth
I give thanks for such gifts freely given
in this summer of love’s bright rebirth

Β© 2022Β All Rights Reserved.

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