The Cairns Which Mark Our Path

You left in October 
walked into the valley
of the shadow of death
and every Autumn since
I skirt the combe’s edge.

The dying light speaks to me:
what did you wish to say?
Always seeking refuge 
from nightmare’s haemorrhage
into the light of day.

Nature’s a healer:
kind if you let her
thistle-down whisperer
bracken-fern copperer.

Streams sing remembrances
brook, ghyll, and waterfall
sunset condolences:
silence falls over all.

Another of my walking poems. Sharing with earthweal’s Open Link Weekend #145.

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    1. I find truth in this Ingrid, and sincerity. These days I walk with as many memories as I can muster, even as they dim. I try to remain mindful that every step I take may be fodder for the memories of others that I love. — so I tred open and genuine as I am able.

  1. Very poignant Ingrid and the opening stanza is very strong. I am skirting that Coombe too at the moment.

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