Cadralor for rebirth


Prickles under the skin:
stirring back to life
rebirth, awakening 
Alleluia (alleluia)
Amen (amen).


The path, precipitous
is a switchback staircase
its yawning emptiness 
instils more awe
than the high crag.


‘I lost a lot of blood on the table’
she said, ‘I was tabled,’
I said, ‘I was scheduled’
I said ‘no’:
I bleed, I dance.


Feathers, flowers and silk screens
all those curtain calls
you’re all about the light,
the lighting:
I embrace it all.


Mother! I’m coming. 
Mother! I’m staying behind. 
Your parallel,
your storyteller 
whispering the wind.

© 2023 All Rights Reserved.

A Cadralor for Easter

Gleam magazine has a call for submissions to Issue 6 at the moment (closing 30th April). Most cadralore they publish are a lot longer than the three-line stanza form I like to write, so I’m playing with stretching it to five-line stanzas. I’ve not submitted this, as perhaps it is more narrative than imagistic, and perhaps there isn’t enough disconnect between each stanza. But it is a poem of Easter, and of rebirth, nonetheless.

I haven’t had much time for either reading or writing on WordPress recently, as I am busy with editing and cover design for the latest EIF publication: Re-create and Celebrate by Cindy Georgakas. Watch this space for the cover reveal, and more exciting news about the book!

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate,


26 thoughts on “Cadralor for rebirth

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  1. These are beautiful and I echo Punam, so visceral and moving, Ingrid❣️
    Can’t wait to hear, good luck!
    Excited we’re getting there❣️ Happy Easter to you and the boys! 💞

  2. Had to revisit your poem after a busy day of Easter festivities. A pleasure to read you again. Creative and unexpected with several standout phrases. Love this! 💗 Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  3. Well,Ingrid, this works on my imagination – each stanza stand alone – the final, of everything – it does what poetry should, and your’s always, stays a while, and more – I don’t have the discipline to write to external form – or to write as one with another, as you with Nick – Archery in The UK – it really is quite something – I still figuring how on earth you two wrote this – enjoy this Easter Monday – today as a all days, a pleasure reading you.

  4. Beautiful and moving, Ingrid. I echo others with saying the final stanza was particularly poignant.
    I hope you had a wonderful Easter and hope all is well.
    Good luck with all your work!

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