A few pennies…

A few pennies to rub together 
berries, for the coming winter
bottled, labelled
placed upon a shelf

Like preserved cherries,
pears or quinces
compassed, weighed:
a measured year of dearth* 

As at a birth or Coronation
profit margins, revelation:
alas, we lack
the will to save ourselves.

In pedalling the petalled road
I shoulder my weight of the load
put my foot down:
release it to the sky.

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*allusion to Blake’s ‘Proverbs of Hell’ in these two lines.

This is not a polemical poem

I drive, put diesel in my car, buy goods in supermarkets. But it isn’t too hard to figure out just how and why we are ruining the earth:

As Mike Berners-Lee points out in How Bad Are Bananas? “Every time we spend or invest money, we support one version of the future or another.” In a plutocratic world, perhaps the most important way to vote is with our wallets…

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  1. I really like those last two lines. It’s so hard to consider every action, yet–each one makes a difference. And yet you are so right, money is what talks in the end. (K)

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