We Crown The Wrong Things King

Money, power, wealth and status: 
we crown the wrong things King.
Simple laughter, human kindness 
past considering.

Gas-guzzling cars, communities
gated, to shut out love:
we crown the wrong things king, we say,
‘Ordained by God above.’

The things we do best, with our hearts;
our art, our joy, our song
devalued, shunned, not set apart:
we crown the wrong things King.

So, on this coronation day, 
should you be listening
beyond the pageantry, I say,
“We crown the wrong things, King.”

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  1. These values are what is bringing division, violence, and the destruction of the environment. I do think King Charles III brings a lot of admirable values to his position. Hope it works out well!

  2. So true. The things that come from the heart are devalued, like love, kindness, gentleness, goodness, patience but need to be crowned/celebrated. Great post.

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