A poem I wish I could write

You are a poem I wish I could write
by the light of the moon, while you’re holding me tight;
in the sweet hours of dawn, huddled close to your skin
this is how we begin, this is how we begin…

You are the magic on Midwinter’s eve
and the prayer for redemption in which we believe
in the darkest of hours, you are sunshine and light
burning ever so bright, burning ever so bright

You are the wind, singing songs in my ear
which roars out of a whisper so strong and so clear
and the song is melodic and rhythmically raw
just the kind I adore, just the kind I adore

I am the writer who types in the night
of your poetry spoken by soft candlelight
I am the winner of your laurel crown
just as our love has grown, just as our love has grown

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  1. Your poetry is beautiful and always a pleasure to read, dear Ingrid. And, you’ve also inspired me to write a poem ~ thank you! Best wishes for a wonderful weekend, my friend πŸ€—

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