Archery In The UK is here!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the publication of Archery In The UK, my poetic collaboration with Nick Reeves. The wait is now over, and our slender volume can be found at Amazon worldwide,, and in selected UK bookshops. I am going to quote Nick's very apt description of the collection... Continue Reading →

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Sigh, sough, bend low…

Sigh, sough, bend low,sing a song of sorrow:I hold your branchand feel the wrenchof what may come tomorrow. Reach high, shield eyejoin hands above me:your branches barein bud this yearand ever after? Maybe. I yearn, will learnto spring forth like brackenunderfoot,like peat, like sootI pray to green, not blacken. © 2023 All Rights Reserved. Written... Continue Reading →

The day I didn’t get the operation

The surgery was scheduled. I thought I could cure all my ills with some skilful application of the surgeon's knife. I thought who I was, was so bad, it must be cut out, silenced - prevented from harming myself and others. Truth is, I mostly only ever hurt myself. Truth is, I love myself, respect... Continue Reading →

Crossing Elderslie Street, framed in flowers, February Sky

He strides, diesel-grey booted,heavy-workcoat-suited,snuggly fitting jeans,the blue-eyed boy. His face, half-serious, half-whimsical, takes it all in, half-loves, half-hates it all:detritus in the street back passages, and yesall of that human dirt. He’s ageless puckishdaydreaming about how he might frame the scenebetween the pages of his unruled Moleskinejournal.  He spreads his fingersmagpie’s wingtipscounting syllablesbeats to a bar oritems on a to-do... Continue Reading →

My Son, the Skywalker

In the end, you have to let goand trust your own instincts, and theirs.He was confident he could, and I was confident he'd manage, but could Ibear to watch my baby, only ten years old,up thereabove me,striding through the sky? On his face, and in his movements I sawdeterminationconcentrationconfidenceand self-control. But, between the trees, above... Continue Reading →

A Poem on The Moon!

Sometime last year, I answered the call for a poem for The Polaris Trilogy, an anthology of poems which will be sent to the Moon as part of the Polaris Mission's Lunar Codex. The Trilogy unites the continents of Earth via the overarching themes of earth, air and sky. The European section (Part 1) called... Continue Reading →

On Gratitude…

Outside, the stars watch one by oneOrion hunts the coming sun,while Cassiopeia curtseys, light across the sky At this hour, the world seems to sleep though shy and timid creatures creepto scratch out writhing worms with urgency. In one more hour, the birds beginchoir practice for the coming springas snowdrops burst through frozen earthdefiantly. There... Continue Reading →

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