Colours of November: a Cadralor

I. Cold light at the bus stationspills into the portcrisps leaves to autumn gold II. Fairy lights in primary coloursfade to silverfashions change III. Upon the slate-grey seathe yearning wavesupend a tanker IV. Yellow for danger?or simply a warning sign:red is for danger V.  All the colours of my heartblend into this November lightwindblown, standing,... Continue Reading →

Reclusive Romance #poetry #dVerse

What do you know of me?I’ve been up for hours whilst you lay sleeping.I’ve heard the wind whisper, and the moon singDon’t tell me you know me. What do you think of me?Little, if anything: mind my own business, am always in hiding.Don’t think you can know me. What do you want of me?What is so interesting? Do... Continue Reading →

Wild Forms #poetry #dVerse

The mountains were wild forms, or monstrous shapeswhich towered above the moonlit lakeside roadforeign to me as the stars abovewhich were obscured by streetlights in my town.How I feared those dark foreboding heights!And even in the day, the scree could sendyou tumbling down the hillside like a doll:it was enough to keep me for a... Continue Reading →

The bitter bottle #prosery #dVerse

He picks up the bottle, pours out of it a stream of bitter and slanderous lies. I stand for truth: I am bombarded, yet I stand, embattled, battle-hardened. The tirade of abuse hits like a hurricane, but my limbs are seasoned timber: I have weathered many storms. Where there is hatred, let me bring love…... Continue Reading →

The Anthropocene Hymnal is Live!

Welcome to this hotly-anticipated poetry event, at which many of the contributors to The Anthropocene Hymnal will read their poems. I am holding the event as a way to mark the COP-26 climate conference in Glasgow. I dearly wish that I could be there to take part in some poetry-themed protesting! To join us online,... Continue Reading →

Cadralor No. 3 #poetry #dVerse

I. Moth on the windowpanebuzzing, busy wingsblindly fumbling  2. Stars hang in constellation measuring the depths ofastronomical time 3. A home fire burnsin the warm hearthdown to ash 4. Sweets from a jarprizes for the childrenrainbow coloured 5. Sticky-handed, Iam a child again:the universe, within © 2021 All Rights Reserved. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay Written... Continue Reading →

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