Waiting for happy news #poetry #poem

Waiting for happy newsto come across the radiowaves, I’m stuck home with the blueswaiting for happy news. Waiting for happy newswhich might come in an email:‘Well done! You’ve won! We loveyour work.’ Instead, insideit’s dark, I wait for happy news. Waiting for happy news:the cure! So simpleand a medical profession who recognisethere are millions like… Continue Reading →

Just go #poetry #poem

Just go:you’ve said enough,so let’s not make it tougheron ourselves. This isn’t an excuse to stay in bed: I feelas if my head is in a vice, and I’m so tiredof trying tobe nice, sopleasejustgo. © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved Written for dVerse I have PMDD. I’ve written about this a lot, but this… Continue Reading →

Cat’s Eye #poetry #dVerse

Cowering in the cupboard: well I would be if I could emitting a sharp hiss at the slightest approach of danger.  Well it’s almost like this:‘Get back!’ I hiss ‘And leave me to face the dark side alone, againI didn’t ask for this, but I’ve been given…’ ‘There are worse things happen at sea’you say, and so… Continue Reading →

Twitter Poetry Week 8

Another week, another seven micro-poems for Twitter! Unfortunately, PMDD hit me really hard this month, and sapped me of much of my poetic inspiration. You will notice a few poems about PMDD here. In including them, I hope to be able to reach other sufferers and raise awareness and understanding of the condition. I ended… Continue Reading →

World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

As today is World Suicide Prevention Day, I am reposting my poem ‘Sorry Mate,’ which is included in the Indie Blu(e) Anthology Through The Looking Glass:Reflecting on Madness and Chaos Within. Sorry Mate As I sank into the depths of alcoholismdepression and despair not a soul around me seemed to careexcept the man who stood next… Continue Reading →

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