Twitter Poetry Week 3

This week, I have mainly been writing tanka, as I’ve been trying to learn more about the form for the EIF Poetry Challenge. There are a few other forms in here too. Do let me know what you think; I’m always interested to know which micro-poems work best and why. This is a new style… Continue Reading →

Twitter Poetry Week 2

This was the week I discovered #TopTweetTuesday, hosted by @blackboughpoems. This is a place where many published poets share a poem via a tweet. It’s a great place to connect with other poets on Twitter, and read some great excellent contemporary poetry. I shared my dVerse quadrille ‘A dab hand‘ for my Day 12 tweet…. Continue Reading →

Twitter Poetry Week 1

Just before the New Year, I wrote of my ‘inspiration‘ to write one poem in a single Tweet for every day of 2021. As I began my challenge, I realised that writing micro-poetry is not something which comes naturally to me. I am used to writing poetry which flows over several stanzas. I like playing… Continue Reading →

The Quarantine Diaries #44: Letting Go

Sometimes I have trouble letting go. Whether it’s a fixed idea, an obsession, or my feelings about a particular person or thing. Without the ability to let go, however, there can be little peace of mind or spiritual progress in life. So I’m actively (or should that be ‘passively’?) learning to let go when I… Continue Reading →

EIF Poetry Challenge #14: Tanka

As we have already explored the haiku form in a previous poetry challenge, this week I wanted to take a look at another Japanese form: tanka. If you thought a tanka was simply an extended haiku, think again! There is a lot more to the form than this. Read on to find out more… The… Continue Reading →

EIF Poetry Challenge Hall of Fame 2020!

Very early on in the first lockdown of this year, I wrote a poem called ‘Poetry won’t save you.’ Well I’m here to testify that this year, poetry categorically has saved me. Without writing poetry and sharing it with others, without reading other people’s poetry, I probably would have gone mad by now. Back in… Continue Reading →

EIF Tanka Challenge: The Results

The tanka form proved both enticing and challenging, no less for me (for examples, take a look at my Twitter Poetry from Week 3) than for those who took part. As a short form it may appear deceptively simple. Bearing this in mind, I was impressed with the high standard of entries. I now hand… Continue Reading →

EIF Poetry Challenge #2: The Results!

I am happy to say I’ve had some interesting responses to, and interpretations of, this week’s challenge. I loved the way that poets came up with new ideas of translation, from translating well-known poems into a local dialect of English, to sign-language recordings of poems and songs synced to poetry readings and song lyrics. Thank… Continue Reading →

EIF Poetry Challenge #1: The Sonnet

I believe that many moons ago, in my entry ‘Setting Free the Books,’ I promised you a poetry challenge. I can only apologise that so far, no such challenge has been forthcoming. Little things like moving to a different country got in the way. But now I think it’s time to have some fun! What… Continue Reading →

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