Sonnet Sunday Inspiration #1: Form

In preparation for Halloween Sonnet Sunday, I did some internet searching, only to discover that the Halloween Sonnet is not really ‘a thing’… yet! This is great news, because it gives us a chance to be innovators with the form. I did, however, wish to provide some inspiration, so I’m happy I landed upon Pop… Continue Reading →

Sonnet Sunday announcement: Mayday!

Next weekend marks the start of the May Day bank holiday in the UK, while in other parts of the world we celebrate International Workers’ Day or Labour Day. In honour of this, and in recognition of the emergency on planet earth, I will be holding a Sonnet Sunday on 2 May on the theme… Continue Reading →

Sonnet Sunday: The Easter Edition!

You may recall that this Valentine’s Day, I hosted a Sonnet Sunday here on Experiments in Fiction. This was a celebration of love in sonnet form. I asked you to write a traditional, Shakespearian sonnet on the theme of love and share it with me. This was such a fun event that I have decided… Continue Reading →

Festive Sonnet Sunday: Then Days will Lengthen by Cheryl Batavia

Forgotten are the venerated trees,the winter solstice rites of yesteryears.Neglected are the ancient mysteries.Our sacred groves are drowned in Gaia’s tears. Beloved traditions once so highly prized,now, tattered vestiges of olden times.Our cherished ambitions, half-realized,faint echoes of the ancient, mystic rhymes. A wreath of evergreens adorns my doorfor winter solstice, the year’s longest night.Observing festivities… Continue Reading →

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