Tolling Bells

And all we hear are tolling bellstelling fortunes,¬†wishing wellswell-wishers washed in pools of tearsall eyes and earsall eyes and ears Are turned towards the funeral the heart has had its coronal*as silence ends the reign of yearsthe sky rains tears the sky rains tears We listen at the close of dayfor birdsong, as a lullabyreturns us to... Continue Reading →

Is everybody ok?

Imagine being able to squeeze those words outwith your dying breath because that's what you'd been thinking about for so long'Is everybody ok?'The starving childrenthe hungry millionsthe Black peoplethe Latinosthe Asians?The working people who want to feed and clothe their familiesthe seekers of equality?Is everybody ok?Is anybody ok who has their dreams pulled out from... Continue Reading →

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