The day I didn’t get the operation

The surgery was scheduled. I thought I could cure all my ills with some skilful application of the surgeon's knife. I thought who I was, was so bad, it must be cut out, silenced - prevented from harming myself and others. Truth is, I mostly only ever hurt myself. Truth is, I love myself, respect... Continue Reading →

‘My Life With MND’ by Daina Mason

I have a very brave aunt, Daina Mason (pictured above), who has been living with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) for 8 years. Using eye-gaze technology, she has written her own account of living with the disease, from the first symptoms, through diagnosis right up to her present-day life and challenges. Writing the book was a... Continue Reading →

Cassettes Live @ Three Tanners Bank

Marking their post-pandemic return to the live music scene, Cassettes performed a 25-minute live acoustic set at this intimate North Tyneside venue on Sunday night. I had the privilege of attending and witnessing a seasoned, soulful performance from frontman and founder Nick Reeves... Looking effortlessly cool in lime-green turtleneck, braces and Converse boots, Nick takes... Continue Reading →

Global Assembly Feedback #earthweal

Thank you to all who took part in my Citizens' Assembly via earthweal this week. I have submitted our feedback, stories and suggestions to the organisers, meaning they should feature in the first official Global Assembly 2021 report! I really appreciate the care, effort and consideration which participants gave to this challenge. Below you will... Continue Reading →

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