Daina Mason wins Make A Difference Award!

It was an emotional day at BBC Radio Cumbria's Make A Difference Awards yesterday, which I had the privilege of attending in the capacity of Daina's niece and publisher. The awards recognise members of the local community who go out of their way to make a positive difference, both within their community, and in the... Continue Reading →

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The Howling

The children to feed;all the bills still to payand the howling. The emails to answerthe things I should sayand the howling. "Remember tomorrowforget yesterday"says the howling: "You carry such sorrow?Then give it awayto the howling." Wind, sound, surrenderthe trees' dreadful swayto the howling Whisper, "Wake with the soundof a pure poetry"called the howling. With thanks... Continue Reading →

Word Rich, Cash Poor

Word rich, cash poor: some kind of way to live,don’t want that mental load weighing me down;to feel I have a world of wealth to give,yet possess little I might call my own. A whisper in the heart blooms on the lipsand greets the air in unforced exhalation, inspires the hand to flex the fingertipsin Hallelujah... Continue Reading →

‘All Grown Up Now’ is published!

Congratulations to author Kim M. Russell on the publication of her autobiographical poetry pamphlet, All Grown Up Now. This beautifully crafted poetry collection is available from Amazon.com, Waterstones.com and Barnesandnoble.com. The online launch party will take place today at 6pm GMT. Kim will be talking about the inspiration behind the collection, and reading some of... Continue Reading →

Advance Review of ‘All Grown Up Now’

With three weeks to go until the release of Kim M. Russell's poetry pamphlet, All Grown Up Now, I bring you an advance review from Freya Pickard, author of The Kaerling. "A landscape of scents""Kim M Russell has a distinctive voice in this auto-biographical collection of poems. What struck me most were the olfactory descriptions... Continue Reading →

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