In deep poetic heaven #poetry #Earthweal

If you’re looking for meI might just bein deep poetic heaventhrough mirror-halled mazesof metaphorsguided by vulture or ravenI’m wandering, wondering sharing your hope and your paindiving the deep seas where trawlershave emptied the oceanseeking out hydrothermal ventswhere life may begin againand I’m screaming ‘stop!’and I hope we’ll wake up from this madnessdeep in poetic heavenit’s hard... Continue Reading →

Twitter Poetry Week 14

Here's this week's roundup of micro-poetry for Twitter. There is no poem for Day 94: this was Sonnet Sunday and I was just too busy with sonnets to post a micropoem, but I did post two on Day 93. You may notice that my poems don't get a lot of love on Twitter. This is... Continue Reading →

My ruthless uterus #poetry #PMDD

I don’t mean to complainabout my ruthless uterus but all the same(though I hate to make a fuss)periodically it drives mealmost insane. Ok it’s not reallythe uterus, butthe hormones triggeredby its cycles and not even really thatbut the actions of these hormones on the brain. Why is it always ‘the’ brain anyway?as if to say we... Continue Reading →

Why? a reverse #quadrille

Well, I do mean to smile about water;the solution was never ‘You oughtatake more than one glass!'Whysay notif you really did not want to know?Rewind the tape, pleasefast-forward to whereyou losewine-addledflat on your ass! © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved I must be a glutton for punishment... Tonight, Lisa is hosting dVerse Poetics, and has asked us... Continue Reading →

Why not? #poetry #dVerse

Well, I don't mean to whine about winebut the problem was always 'Why notone glass? Where's the problem with that?''Why not?''Say what?''If you really want to knowplay the tape forwardthen rewindto findun-winedI'm better off.' © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved Written for dVerse Linda is hosting dVerse Quadrille and has asked us to write a 44-word poem... Continue Reading →

A dolphin in real life #poetry #Earthweal

We took our son on his new biketo the old town. Right along the harbour we wentand while we were all looking the other wayhe turned to say ‘I just saw a dolphin in real life!’ Immediately excited, I turnedto look into those broad blue waters, which were starting to phosphoresce with evening light:I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Easter Sonnet Sunday #5: Renewal #poetry

It is the morning of another yearhere in this temperate European landwhile over in the Southern hemisphereAutumn descends upon the scorching sand.The new-day light entreats me go outsidewhile chatter of the birds also invites;the song of nature echoes far and wideand bids me join this dance of spring delights.Each year remakes itself, old skins are... Continue Reading →

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