The Distance Within #poetry #dVerse

The distance within is greater than the distance withoutno doubt and no surpriseI feel a vastness like distances travelled on lazy Sunday afternoonsthe way the light played on the poola foundness and a lostness you’re gone now I know that I am mortalthe clock-tower tolls the hourlulls me towards my fenced-in end still no more... Continue Reading →

Cloud #quadrille #dVerse

Cloud, like a smudge on the skyhigh above Trieste, Italy. Cloud, when you kissed me goodbyein own my mind, taking over me. Thick clouds of steam, as my eyestear up - Ah, how they stream of goodbye! How theysmudge my mascara. © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved Written for dVerse Today Mish is hosting Quadrille, where we... Continue Reading →

Postcards from…Trieste, Italy

It was way back in October of last year when we last left Slovenia to visit Lake Garda. I was thrilled to learn last weekend that the Italian border with Slovenia was back open, and that we were permitted to travel up to 60 km into the country. This made the historic city of Trieste... Continue Reading →

Crazy Little Thing Called Truth

This is not the kind of article I normally write. But I feel that right now there are some things which need to be said. We live in a dangerously divided world. If we question authority, we are labelled 'conspiracy theorists' by the very people we had hoped might support us. People who claim to... Continue Reading →

All the broken people #poetry #poem

I look at the world, a world which holds so many broken people and I crybecause I can’t fix all the broken people,no, I cannot fix so many,no matter what different strategies I try. I see the broken people on tvmy heart splinters into a thousand piecesbroken apart just like they arebecause I want to save them and... Continue Reading →

Poetry for Meditation #1: Earthrise

I thought I'd try something a little different today. This week, I have been struggling with PMDD, so I have been spending a lot of time practising meditation. I listen to a lot of guided meditations online, but I've never found one which uses poetry as its basis. I think this is a shame, because... Continue Reading →

‘Am I only?’ published at MasticadoresUSA

As the magnetic resonance flashes up an imageof zeros and onesconverted to an imageon a computer screenso I can seethe chambers of my brainI ask now ‘Am I only... Continue reading at MasticadoresUSA. I have been writing a lot about life and death recently. Perhaps it is because of the pandemic, which has brought this topic... Continue Reading →

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