My childhood sphere #poetry #earthweal

My childhood sphere was pasturelandand the pebbled riverside:broad enough for a bold imagination.It was a gorse-bush mazea weira tunneland the old Victorian train station. It was bounded by the blue hillsfar beyondwhich measured outthe limits of the known world.Back in those long-forgotten daysa long-forgotten childwondered what secrets these mountains held, untold. I travelled to those... Continue Reading →

Fairytale resurrection: a palinode #poetry #dVerse

I. Elegy for a Fairytale There are no knights in shining armour,there is no chivalry;there are only nights of drunken ardourfollowed by confused apologies. The damsels in distress collectsocial security: there is no chivalry nor any Knights in shining armour nowI wonder if there ever were? Though once upon a time I thought I knew one whotook me... Continue Reading →

Slovene Cuisine #13: Štruklji

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts, but I thought it might fill a nice gap in my schedule this week, in the regular Wednesday foodie slot. If there ever was a food to fill a gap, then surely it was this rolled-up, filled-pancake-like snack, which is enjoyed in both savoury... Continue Reading →

Queen of the last line #poetry #dVerse

Queen of the last lineof defence, I stakean arrow through your heartmost cupid-likeand wait for you to feel it. Direct hit: you are fallingunder my powerful spellit may lead you to heavenor drag you down to hell:don’t say you didn’t want it. Queen of the last linedrawing a circle around you, and drawing you inthere’s... Continue Reading →

Seeds of dissension #poetry #dVerse

Spreading seeds of dissensionwe gosowing them in fertile groundthey growthough they're nurturedwithin and below in the fertile soilof our imaginationseeds of doubt and seeds of indignation:weeds which choke serenitya stranglehold upon our peace of mind.  © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved Written for dVerse Tonight, Merril is hosting Quadrille, and has asked us to write... Continue Reading →

My heart is iron #poetry #earthweal

My heart is ironmy blood is red like yoursbut unlike yours, it's incandescentglowing wild with its own heat and light. My lungs are green:you are a cancer, killing healthy tissue untilall that's left behind is charred to ash. My surface is71% water, more than you need to survive, and yetyou feel you have the right... Continue Reading →

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