Back to the Fiction I: A Novel Approach

I admit that with the current Covid-19 situation, I've digressed a bit from the normal remit of my website with some 'factual' pieces (in as much as anyone's personal diary can be considered 'factual.') It's high time, then, that I returned to some experimental fiction, and as such I'm posting the opening section of my... Continue Reading →

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The Dustbin of my Dreams

After so long waiting, I had finally arrived. I had coveted the dustbin for years: stainless steel; easy-clean; antibacterial. Best of all was the footpedal which meant you would never have to touch it, except to take the bag out. This would be contained within an odour-eliminating, sleekly streamlined plastic capsule. The insanitary sanitised once... Continue Reading →

Back to the Fiction II: Novel Developments

In the second post in my 'Back to the Fiction' series, I bring you the next excerpt from my first novel The Folks Across the River, which is a continuation of Chapter 1. As always, I welcome your criticism, comments and suggestions. In particular, I would appreciate some help with the Romanian language translations. But... Continue Reading →

We Dance like Bees Dance: a Poem about Love

I'm re-reading John Irving's Last Night in Twisted River at the moment. I love the way he uses the do-si-do as an extended metaphor to describe the courtship dance between key characters. It made me think about the bees courtship dance, or 'waggle dance' which inspired the following poem. As ever, your comments, queries and... Continue Reading →

Poem on Your Birthday

This poem is dedicated to my mother, Elizabeth, who died aged 32. Today would have been her 62nd birthday. It's also dedicated to all those who knew and loved her, and to my children who she never got the chance to meet. The loss of my mother also inspired The Tide which could be read... Continue Reading →

6: Finding Balance

6 days in, I realise I'm a quarantine rookie. From the moment I wake up, everything is getting on my nerves. Try as I might, I can't seem to get a moment's peace, I can't get on with my work, I don't get my son through all his schoolwork, and I end up being mean... Continue Reading →

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