Moonshine – dVerse Haibun

The land looks different lit in silver. That's most-of-all what I remember, the night of almost being stranded on a mountainside. True story: I was a romantic-minded, foolish teenager, determined to see the sunset from the summit of the mountain. Absolutely crazy. My dad couldn't persuade me to go back. Textbook idiocy. Of course, the... Continue Reading →

Postcards from…Lasize, Lake Garda

I had forgotten how much I loved travelling, until I had the privilege of a trip to Lake Garda last weekend. With winter looming and lockdowns likely, we headed first to Gardaland for some socially-distanced family fun. This was a real treat, and so well-decorated for Halloween; the kids absolutely loved it. But we also... Continue Reading →

One Autumn Evening in Bohinj

Like a salvo of predawn gunfire‘snap, crackle, pop’ – that’s what I think, and‘who could think of cereal at such a time?’Then my mind flips frantically through filesgrubbing to grasp an empirical explanationfor the snap, and the shot, and the rasp:A guerrilla band going gung-ho into battle, firing into empty space?No, can’t be…a fighter jet... Continue Reading →

#PMDD: Kicking the butt of the Beast

I haven't written about PMDD for a while, because I've been trying out a new approach for dealing with my symptoms. I wanted to make sure this was working before reporting back and sharing my experience with fellow sufferers. It is important to note that this is not medical advice, I am most certainly not... Continue Reading →

The souls of all my tribe defend from jealousy

With a kind of dim accuracy, dull estimation of anuncomfortable situation to the victim’s eyes, jealousy is not a green-ey’d monsterbut a super-subtle friend The victim continues with a smileof painted mirth;the mind gives birth to wild imaginingswhich may/may not be trueit hardly matters now:The matrix has you. Crossing canyons subsumed by solitudes, wish for spiritual songs to heal... Continue Reading →

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