EIF Poetry Challenge #11: Free Verse

When it comes to Free Verse, it's a lot easier to say what it isn't than what it is. First and foremost, it is not a poetic form, as by definition it is not governed by formal rules of poetry. It is rather a style in which the poet is free to express her or... Continue Reading →

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The Snow Queen – #poetry

The first snow of winter has fallen, TheSnow Queen has lain her cloak upon the ground:Be careful not to catch a snowflake in your heartfor though they may be beautiful, their crystals containslivers of glass from the dark enchanted mirrordropped to Earth moments before The Falland if you catch that snowflake in your heart, allwill... Continue Reading →

All the colours of Chopin #poetry #dVerse

I'm not a synesthetebut when I listenI can hear the coloursthey are all the colours of the heartand maybe morelighting up the parts of me I didn't know existedas I watch the fingers danceI see the colours: red for firepurple-pink for softer tonesindigo for sadnessgold for the pianist's virtuoso touchand most of all what speaks... Continue Reading →

Trafalgar Square Triptych

It’s summertime in Trafalgar Square;we’ve stopped to feed the pigeons there:It must be early on in the World Cupbecause my young son sports an England topstill holding out a hope(We went out in the first round that year.) Still it’s summertime 20 years earlierTrafalgar Square is there, as everI’m sporting an injury - black eye... Continue Reading →

Travelling in the wilderness – #poetry #dVerse

Travelling in the wildernessaround Christianbury CragKershope ForestThe Debatable LandsReiver Country: Between Rowelltownand Roadheadthe Black Lyne and the White Lyne meetlike a divining rodto form the River Lyne. To make your way through the forestwhere I once heard the first cuckoo in springso many years agoyou must follow the yellow markers on the treesif you're not... Continue Reading →

Wolves of War – #poetry #Earthweal

War wolves whisper soft to one another: Where, where shall we go now? Far, farfrom the killing-machines' too-human roar somewhere where we may hearOur own moon-cries once more:North. North, on and on they goalways under forest’s cover:The wild wolf and the lumberingsoft-footed bear to the forests of Slovenia:only to be persecuted there?  One wilderness re-wildedanother abandoned. Perhaps the people... Continue Reading →

Abide with me – #dVerse Quadrille

Most heartbreaking lines of a song ever written? Tis you, tis you must go/and I must bideLament of the bereaved: We long to cross over,Instead we cry: Help of the helpless, oh, abidewith me-bideth these 3Faith, hope, and never-ending Love. © Experimentsinfiction 2020, All Rights Reserved Written for dVerse Quadrille, hosted by Lisa tonight, who... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #9

More poetry from the Mind of matthews don today. Don writes at The Flippant, Comic, and Serious, aided and abetted by his drinking buddy and security man Skip (pictured above) and his pesky puss Priscilla. Do head over there to meet the madcap Matthews clan! Playground for the Mind of matthews don I've cast my... Continue Reading →

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