The Anthropocene Hymnal is going live!

I am excited to announce that I will be hosting a live poetry reading event on 7 November 2021, at 5:00pm CET. During this event, contributors to The Anthropocene Hymnal will be reading their poems, and discussing the inspiration behind them. I have timed this event to fall in the middle of the COP 26... Continue Reading →

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The Anthropocene Hymnal is published!

The waiting is over! You can now purchase The Anthropocene Hymnal in Paperback and Kindle format from Amazon (just select your relevant region). I also have a PDF version of the book available. I am not selling the PDF, but asking for a donation to my WWF Fundraiser. Once you have made your donation (minimum... Continue Reading →

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Ellorgast #poetry #earthweal

The feast of Samhain and we are gathered in the mead-hallthe warriors, drunk on meadbellies heavy with meatpound the long oak tablesand boast of their exploitswhile my maids clear away the platesand I glide between the protagonists of this chaotic scene: a peace-weaver with heavy footsteps heading for the bedchamber.I’ll not be disturbed by him... Continue Reading →

All in the blood #poetry #dVerse

Tracing the origins of human hatewe wonder if this desperate stateis bloodborne If our desire to hurt and maim,outsiders who are not the sameis bloodlust sparked within when we are bornfrom mother’s womb we’re cut or tornin bloodbath. To trace such origins of gallwe need our wits and wherewithal:a bloodhound who alone can tracea spark... Continue Reading →

Novel Update!

Regular readers of this blog may remember that I started work on a structural edit of my first novel at the beginning of September, as the school term began. I am delighted to announce that, a mere six weeks and 80,860 words later, I have finished this task, a few days ahead of my half-term... Continue Reading →

Tears of Ash #poetry #dVerse

The first people to inhabit this landwere the last to leave it:they weptfor their families felledby invaders' disease.They wept at the felling of the trees.When the bomb destroyed the skythey finger-painted on their cheekstears of ash. © 2021 All Rights Reserved. Featured image: Image by Norman Bosworth from Pixabay Written for dVerse Tonight, Sarah is... Continue Reading →

Campbell’s Condensed #poetry #earthweal

Campbell’s condensedthe Primordial Soupinto a can for your convenience.  Of courseit isn’t quite that simple:millions of years of evolution biodiverse branching of the tree of life came first then came the industrial revolutionof one particular species calling itself homo sapiens or‘Wise men:’  They found the cheapest wayto feed the masses for the greatest profit, spraying away the competition,... Continue Reading →

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