The Anthropocene Hymnal: Call for Submissions!

I had just finished reading How Bad are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything and I was on the verge of despair. We are in the midst of a climate emergency, and our carbon emissions keep increasing. We have seen widespread wildfires, extreme weather all over the world, droughts and flooding on a global scale.... Continue Reading →

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This gift of flowers #haibun

The other day, we went for a walk with the kids in the evening. I pointed out the first daffodils to my youngest son. 'This means that spring is here,' I told him. 'Oh, mammy!' he said, 'I got some flowers for you!' In his pocket, a handful of squashed daisies. He'd picked them at... Continue Reading →

The Anthropocene Hymnal: Update

The votes have been counted, and the charity who will be receiving royalties from this project will be WWF. It was a very close call, and I would be happy to donate to either charity. I have added my voice to their 'Voice for the Planet' initiative, calling for world leaders to commit to a... Continue Reading →

Twitter Poetry Week 9

9 weeks in and finally I forgot to post a poem! This is why there is no day 57. I think my mind just needed a break. Luckily, I am accompanied by many talented poets, and I am gathering together a collection of poems which will make a fine anthology by the end of the... Continue Reading →

In too few words… #poetry #poem

Perhaps I use too few wordsin my poetry, I don't tend to favour over-long words,that have me reaching for the dictionary. There's a skill and wit in brevity,in the crafting of a message directlyin such a way that it can beremembered easily, e.g.: In too few wordsyou say the things that hurt the most:‘I’m leaving’‘It... Continue Reading →

I cut a #fringe #poem

I cut a fringe to hide my frown linesI hate my frown lines but I love myself- no -I hate myself but love my frown-lines- no -I love my frown-lines and myself butI don't like how they look in the mirror- no -I cut a fringe because I cannot afford botox- no - I don't... Continue Reading →

The things we do not say #poetry #poem

A life full of the things we do not say:‘He passed’‘We lost her’‘The deceased’The Dead. Joyce wasn’t afraid to say it:Why are we?We were born into a world looking the other way:death has been sanitised, a skeletonin the closet, the white elephant in the room,a roomful of the things we do not say. Time past,... Continue Reading →

My childhood home #haibun #prose

I don't remember much about the first house that I lived in. I remember my mum and dad dancing to records after drinking too much wine. Perhaps they had an argument too, or else why would I remember the wine? But I don't remember the argument, I just remember them dancing to records. I remember... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #20

Celebrating 20 weeks of guest posts at EIF this week, Don and the FCS team bring you another thought-provoking trilogy! Meanwhile, his feline friend Priscilla is tasked with keeping the birds from Don's coffee, with limited success... Miracle Man You don't accept a warming EarthWhich scientists say is soYet happily accept a miracle man2000 years... Continue Reading →

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