In Flight: A #Poem about Survival

Fly high little birdSwallow on the wingSwift as you circleSoft as you sing; Fly free little birdHead into the windDeftly descendingFodder to find. Glide high soaring birdDrift on the airCatching the thermalsHovering there; Hunt well, little birdSoaring bird, tooOne feeds on earthwormsThe other, on you: No flight is for freeOn this tooth-and-claw earthFor all have... Continue Reading →

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A Birthday

It was the same villageThe same hotel andThe same meal (sausage and chips)But she wasn’t there: Had I been trying to bring her back? I wonder now as I think backI can’t even remember how old I wasNo more than ten or elevenShe died when I was eight Drowned in the riverThe same river of... Continue Reading →

Shattered – A new #poem #published

Today, I am honoured to announce the publication of two of my poems, 'Shattered' and 'The Last Best Pisstake' in the anthology BeautiFUl Ways to Say... This anthology was compiled and edited by Katie Elizabeth, and is available from Amazon. All proceeds will go towards helping victims of domestic violence. I am very proud to... Continue Reading →

Award Nominations!

I am very honoured to have received two award nominations this week: The Original Outstanding Blogger Award by Jaya Avendel of Nin Chronicles and my second Liebster Award by Rishika Kakar of Whimsical Wordsmith. Thanks to both of you for these nominations. Jaya is a published poet and writes wonderful poetry and flash fiction. She... Continue Reading →

EIF Poetry Challenge #2: The Results!

I am happy to say I've had some interesting responses to, and interpretations of, this week's challenge. I loved the way that poets came up with new ideas of translation, from translating well-known poems into a local dialect of English, to sign-language recordings of poems and songs synced to poetry readings and song lyrics. Thank... Continue Reading →

Postcards from Slovenia #16 Hrastovlje Church

The town of Hrastovlje is nestled within the karst landscape of southern Slovenia, amidst hillsides clothed with lush mediterranean vegetation. And on the outskirts of the town stands a fortified church dating from the 13th Century A.D. Though from the outside it appears rugged and weather-worn, the interior is a treasure-house of early Renaissance ecclesiastical... Continue Reading →

Lessons learned in one year sober

Today I'm celebrating one year without drinking alcohol. One whole year's sobriety. People who knew me before might never have believed that. I might never have believed that. But the truth is, since having kids, I'd always wanted to get sober, and previously I'd even managed it for months at a time. But this time... Continue Reading →

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