EIF Poetry Challenge #10: The Results

This week's challenge was to write a pantoum poem, which reads like a poetic waterfall. We have had another fantastic response to this challenge and I'm sure our judge and last week's winner, Nick Reeves had an unenviable task. Here is Nick, in his own words: Judge's Comments Oh, Pantoum! The word has been rolling... Continue Reading →

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Peregrine: #poetry #Earthweal

You appeared as if a small birdsoaring skyward like an anchor in reversebut oh, that skydive as you folded in your wings and hurtled earthwardsas if the sky hung suspended andtime, telescoped with adrenalineslowed down to that calculatedfatal momentbullet blow to your preysky-arc of the angel of deathall witnessed as onedrawing in of breath:Falcon magnificence.... Continue Reading →

Slovene Cuisine #7: Wine List

I've brought you starters, main courses and deserts, so now it's time to take a look at Slovenia's wine list. No culinary tour of Slovenia would be complete without a visit to its wine making regions. History of winemaking in Slovenia Modern-day winemaking in Slovenia. Slovenia's best-kept culinary secret is its wine. Wine has been... Continue Reading →

Sorry, mate… #poetry

Warning: contains references to suicide. As I sank into the depths of alcoholismdepression and despair not a soul around me seemed to careexcept the man who stood next to me on the tubewhose angry eyes seemed to say ‘how dare you stand so close to me?’Perhaps I didn’t smell too good: Sorry mate, did I spoil... Continue Reading →

We’re locked down too…#poetry

Sometimes frustration gets the better of mebecause I’m stuck doing geography in a language I don’t fully understandinstead of writing poetry. Sometimes I write poetry in the bathroom.Sometimes I long to be alone a little while, with no demands on me.I wonder why the children are climbing the walls, running round the housein circles, spiralling, spillingtoys... Continue Reading →

Seven #poetry #dVerse

Seven Sisters road runs fromsomewhere intersecting thesweep of Holloway Road andslightly seedily on toSouth Tottenham, travellingSouth West to North East: neverspeak of starlight, City blind. Written for dVerse Poetics: Stars that count. Laura is hosting tonight and has asked us to write a 'Pleiades poem.' I found this incredibly hard, but had to try. I... Continue Reading →

Sonnet of Thanksgiving #poetry #Earthweal

It is the winter of this strangest yearwhen closeness equalled danger and aloneconsidered safe, we faced the fear of life in dull dejected isolation. Or else, locked down inside the lion’s denwe found ourselves imprisoned, desperate for some source of escape, a hand, a friendwe hoped for help, but help arrived too late. For what shall we... Continue Reading →

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