The Anthropocene Hymnal is published!

The waiting is over! You can now purchase The Anthropocene Hymnal in Paperback and Kindle format from Amazon (just select your relevant region). I also have a PDF version of the book available. I am not selling the PDF, but asking for a donation to my WWF Fundraiser. Once you have made your donation (minimum... Continue Reading →

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Firefly, why? #poetry #dVerse

Firefly, whydo you so rarely appear nowto light my sky? You lantern-lit the rosebushesin my garden in Ametllaas if flitting from branch-to-branchgranting wishes. Firefly, whydid we frighten you awaywith our light-hungry folly?And where will you now stay? Lighting up a Christmas bushunder the carved figure of Christ  crucified in Bled, under the moonlight:Won’t you tell... Continue Reading →

Arachne #poetry #dVerse

A spinning spider I, Arachneweaving with thread my tangled weboh, won’t you stay with me? Little fly so tenderso succulent: upon my web you bob.Teetering on my legs so long and slender I hurry to the feast.There’s no buzz now, nor any zzub  from you, your struggle ceased but, how your blood delights me!So delicious... Continue Reading →

Pandemic Panic – a Satire #dVerse #prosery

Prime Minister Burris Jackson addresses the people of Brexitannia, after the Corollavirus outbreak has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation... "We face an invisible, unprecedented enemy. We are fighting a foe we cannot see, with the simple tools of soap, water, and our own singing voices. Remember to wash your hands for... Continue Reading →

Magic Dance #poetry #earthweal

I try to imagine the labyrinth as a dance, butI am not a dancer. Still, I'm captivated by the idea,those 'rhythmical involutions and evolutions' which'perplex the outward way' with outward show:beguile the time, look like the time, but I'msimply a dreamer lost in the 'tangled windings of my' brain.Sometimes I cannot see the wood, hypnotised... Continue Reading →

Postcards from…Wetheral, Cumbria

Though I have written several Lake District Love Letters following my recent visit to Cumbria, it's worth noting that the Cumbrian countryside is as beautiful as it is varied, even beyond the boundaries of the Lake District National Park. Today I pay a visit to the picturesque village of Wetheral just outside of Carlisle, and... Continue Reading →

The Rock II #poetry #earthweal

Another rock:this one's coming from spacemore than a million miles it's travelledto put us in our place. Think you can destroy a planet with your selfish consumption?Let me show you how it's done:with a swift, impactful motion... I'll give evolution another chanceto create something less arrogant:a short, sharp change of circumstancewhich you cannot prevent. I... Continue Reading →

World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

As today is World Suicide Prevention Day, I am reposting my poem 'Sorry Mate,' which is included in the Indie Blu(e) Anthology Through The Looking Glass:Reflecting on Madness and Chaos Within. Sorry Mate As I sank into the depths of alcoholismdepression and despair not a soul around me seemed to careexcept the man who stood next... Continue Reading →

Novelinee #poetry #dVerse

I watch the currents swirling in my cup, particulate borne by heat in thermal swell, I know that I shall write; my mind's made up: a poem, though where it ends, I cannot tell.I could write of the poignancy of timewhich seems forever, until it seems nought,or of God's love, which reaches me in rhymebut... Continue Reading →

Melatonin #poetry #dVerse

Sleeping disturbed by a noise in the nightmelatonin evaporates in plain sightand wasn’t there that poem I should write?Then that other poem, two challenges, a novel…~don’t forget you have to get the kids to school on time~Writers should never write, thenmaybe we would have the time to livebut without writingwould we feelalive? © 2021 All Rights Reserved. Written... Continue Reading →

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