Be part of the Global Assembly on Climate Change!

Dear Readers, I am hugely excited today to announce that I have been given the opportunity to host a Community Assembly on the Climate and Ecological Crisis. Anyone taking part in this Assembly will have the chance to put their ideas forward to the worldwide Global Assembly. We all talk about how worried we are... Continue Reading →

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Publish your book with EIF!

Back in November, I announced that Experiments In Fiction was going into business, and ever since, I have been working on the business side of my creative venture. If you have not already done so, please sign up for my newsletter to find out more! New publications on the horizon... I will be publishing my... Continue Reading →

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Do-you-think-the-saurus? #poetry #dVerse

‘Lie down in the word-hoard,’Heaney said, ‘burrow/the coil and gleam/of your furrowed brain.’*I’ve never used a thesaurusto write poetrysometimes in my novel, when the correct-shaped wordeluded meperhaps I’m luckyI think I’ve a thesaurus in my headlayer-upon-layeryear after yearof languages, dialects and codicessome living and some dead.First it was my native Cumbrian‘Howst’ th gan on, Lass?’‘Howst’... Continue Reading →

To Idleness #prosery #dVerse

Languorous, lingering, luxuriant and self-indulgent. I never could have dreamed of such a day, before the other night, when he called me: ‘Ingrid?’ ‘Yes?’ ‘Are we still on for tomorrow?’ ‘Why ever not?’ I asked: ‘What was the plan again?’ ‘A picnic,’ he said, ‘by the lake: I’ll bring the sandwiches, if you’ll bring the... Continue Reading →

Transapocalyptic #poetry #earthweal

Sea, see, I go down to the Sea, see, I’m pounded by thetide, I’d really rather missed it:elsewhere, in the Med, theAdriatic, waters rise, butwithout the constant changing of the tideyou might’ve missed it. What’s past is prologue*what’s past is nowwhat’s here is nowthe here and nowis not what we imaginedand the past looks goldenthrough rosy... Continue Reading →

A Turkey called Boris #poetry #dVerse

There once was a turkey called Boris and he stood on his head in a forest of sycophantic imbeciles brown-tongued, benighted ne’er-do-wells who brought their New Year offerings  to the turkey called Boris And he gobbled and gandered, guffawingto his followers, dizzied, unknowingthat a turkey, overstuffed and plump could never hope to tax, nor trump... Continue Reading →

Punk Pizza #poetry #dVerse

You can choose any flavourat your leisure take your time to lingertake your pleasure:  Middle-eastern?Not a problem!Macaroni works for you, but not for me Anarchistic food is funbreaking all the rules is fungiving the finger to polite society pleases you, amuses me Life isa menu:the only restrictionsare the ones we place upon ourselves © 2022 All Rights Reserved. ... Continue Reading →

Rainbow #poetry #poem

Over the drab, dull red-brick housesa rainbow spans its arc across the sky:heavy with rain, slate-greyspectacular, the trees swayed by the winds’ envybrace for rain Lovelooks like it’s happening again... © 2022 All Rights Reserved. Sharing with earthweal This week, Sherry has asked us to write poems of gratitude: you can go small or big, or... Continue Reading →

Night Falls #poetry #dVerse

Night falls upon the frozen mountain-landhardy tufts of grass lit in gold greenan empty hand in glove an empty handholds onto nothing bigger than a dream Hardy tufts of grass lit in gold greenignite the hillside, spark within my heartholds onto nothing bigger than a dreamand nothing better for a place to start Ignite the... Continue Reading →

In Nice – A Rimas Dissolutas #poetry #dVerse

Paint your palettepastel pink china blueterracotta ochrepalette of the city streetsdream of the Impressionist Get your feet wetpuddles pool a rainbow hueand they evoke - hersense of life in half-heartbeatscrosses off a bucket list Are you ready yet?The canvas calls, a neige fondusomehow awoke her:candy apples, such sweet treatsas life is made of - days... Continue Reading →

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