The EIF Holiday Sale!

'Tis the season, once again, and the time of festivities is upon us. Far be it from me to say anything as corny as 'give the gift of books,' but, you know, books do make great gifts, especially beautifully crafted books of heartfelt poetry from some of your favourite authors! With this in mind, all... Continue Reading →

EIF Titles: Kindle Sale!

It has been a year since I launched Experiments in Fiction as a business, and what a year it has been! With four titles published so far, three of these Amazon bestsellers, one receiving a Pushcart nomination, and all carrying 5-star reviews. Thank you to everyone who has made this a remarkable year for EIF,... Continue Reading →

Poem on Your Birthday

I rememberthe coolness of your skin, and your warm heartthe thickness of your hair, and your thin bodyseemed like the wind could blow right through youwhich it didit blows through me, too thoughit won't blow me over I rememberyou waiting for me in the school yard my favourite time of dayand the days you didn't... Continue Reading →

I Do Not Know My Mother’s Name #IWD2022

I do not know my mother’s name: she got it from her father,and her mother, from her father before her.Our herstory has been erasedby history,records always follow the paternal line. Matrilineal DNA might help,if we had all the samplesbut most of them liea long-time underground(or burnt to ash).We silently acceptedan unspoken, acknowledged misogyny and had... Continue Reading →

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