Twitter Poetry Week 2

This was the week I discovered #TopTweetTuesday, hosted by @blackboughpoems. This is a place where many published poets share a poem via a tweet. It's a great place to connect with other poets on Twitter, and read some great excellent contemporary poetry. I shared my dVerse quadrille 'A dab hand' for my Day 12 tweet.... Continue Reading →

Sava Bohinjka/Spirit River #poetry

Sava BohinjkaSpirit Riversilver rivuletsrun down the lengthof your broad-channelled spine;and if your waters were your eyesforever changing colour they'd be emerald green, blue Aztec-tourquoise:brighter far than mine.Until after a snowmeltthey would suddenly cloud over, glaucomic, cataracted by invasive mineralsthen would I listen, spellbound to yourwater-whispered secretsyour friend and only confidantewhere winter water fallsand if you... Continue Reading →

This is not a Yoga Mat #poetry #dVerse

This is not a yoga mat, this ismuscles tensed and taughtand sweat, this isthree house moves andtwo different countries this is acceptance of the moment, this is my homelike place, this is exactly where I need to be, this ismy safe space, this is where I grow:A push beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone;a place where... Continue Reading →

A dab hand: #dVerse Quadrille

She dabbed her lips with the handkerchief:Her lipstick stayed in place.I couldn’t think why she had used it:her lips were moist and not a traceof food upon them.Then I saw the bloodspots:blood-not food-notfrom the lipsbut teeth. © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved Written for dVerse quadrille, where De is hosting. She has asked us to... Continue Reading →

Don Matthews Trilogy #13

Stone the crows!!! Priscilla's seen so much Flippant, Comic, and Serious poetry from Don recently that she's had to don her glasses in order to take it all in (see Featured Image). I always look forward to visiting sunny Australia on a Monday, especially when we have cold and grey skies outside. For more of... Continue Reading →

Strunjan #poetry #Earthweal

The salt pans of Sečovlje sleep while sailing boats shelter in place along the harbourthe sun also risesI stretch out my hand and touch Croatiathe narrow peninsular’s dotted and furred with cypress and Mediterranean pinethe sculpture park we visited the first time I came here where all the dreams of a great empire sleep like lions... Continue Reading →

Twitter Poetry Week 1

Just before the New Year, I wrote of my 'inspiration' to write one poem in a single Tweet for every day of 2021. As I began my challenge, I realised that writing micro-poetry is not something which comes naturally to me. I am used to writing poetry which flows over several stanzas. I like playing... Continue Reading →

Villain in Hell – a #villanelle

No villain in hell could tell such blatant lies;inciting the people to embrace tyranny:With words of hate the power of progress dies. I see no sentient soul behind those eyesinviting destruction of democracy: No villain in hell could tell such blatant lies. We must not be too blind to realisethe power of the vote’s fragility:With words... Continue Reading →

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