The Howling

The children to feed;all the bills still to payand the howling. The emails to answerthe things I should sayand the howling. "Remember tomorrowforget yesterday"says the howling: "You carry such sorrow?Then give it awayto the howling." Wind, sound, surrenderthe trees' dreadful swayto the howling Whisper, "Wake with the soundof a pure poetry"called the howling. With thanks... Continue Reading →

Word Rich, Cash Poor

Word rich, cash poor: some kind of way to live,don’t want that mental load weighing me down;to feel I have a world of wealth to give,yet possess little I might call my own. A whisper in the heart blooms on the lipsand greets the air in unforced exhalation, inspires the hand to flex the fingertipsin Hallelujah... Continue Reading →

Free Verse Revolution Issue X Out Now!

Congratulations to editor Kristiana on the publication of Issue X of Free Verse Revolution, Oleander. It is an honour to have my poem, The Distaff Side, included in this issue. I am in the company of many talented authors, and the issue looks absolutely beautiful, as always. It is available as a digital download, or... Continue Reading →

Regenesis – published in Gleam Issue 6

I. April evening the lake a pure blue sheeta red boat moored and edged in ochresongbirds chattergolden, light. II. Acapella dreaming, youtapping on the kitchen floorreel-to-reel cut to a sceneof smoke, wraiths, dancing... Thank you to Lori and the editorial team at Gleam for publishing this poem in Issue 6. I love the unique challenge of writing... Continue Reading →

Freedom is a Dancer

Freedom is a dancer:see how merrily she skipsneeds no reply, nor answerissues from her cherry lips. She’s laughing, tossing golden hairand caution to the windkeeps spinning, merrily and fairwith winter far behind. She isn’t fond of drudgery, but takes it in her stride:the working day, which thoughts of playcut clear through like a tide of endless... Continue Reading →

The day I didn’t get the operation

The surgery was scheduled. I thought I could cure all my ills with some skilful application of the surgeon's knife. I thought who I was, was so bad, it must be cut out, silenced - prevented from harming myself and others. Truth is, I mostly only ever hurt myself. Truth is, I love myself, respect... Continue Reading →

My Son, the Skywalker

In the end, you have to let goand trust your own instincts, and theirs.He was confident he could, and I was confident he'd manage, but could Ibear to watch my baby, only ten years old,up thereabove me,striding through the sky? On his face, and in his movements I sawdeterminationconcentrationconfidenceand self-control. But, between the trees, above... Continue Reading →

A Poem on The Moon!

Sometime last year, I answered the call for a poem for The Polaris Trilogy, an anthology of poems which will be sent to the Moon as part of the Polaris Mission's Lunar Codex. The Trilogy unites the continents of Earth via the overarching themes of earth, air and sky. The European section (Part 1) called... Continue Reading →

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