Stoned Love #quadrille #dVerse

One day I'll be immortalisedjust like Prešeren my statue in the town squarewill gaze longingly at your head carved in stoneupon a building opposite  eternally, while tourists pauseto read the tale belowof how I never did get over you. © 2021 All Rights Reserved. A flight of fancy for dVerse Tonight, De is hosting Quadrille, and has... Continue Reading →

Collateral Kindness #poetry #earthweal

It was the dreaded news:nobody knew if you were coming backyet, in my heartI knew you weren't. My mother. Whose hand would I hold now?Whose arms would comfort mein times of sorrow? Who would be my championand sing my praisein the faceof the entire, uncaring world? Out of the blackness of that coldOctober nightcame the... Continue Reading →

Roll-call #poetry #earthweal

BorrowdaleDerwentBassenthwaiteSkiddawBlencathra This are my Northern fellsmy Northern dales, mytrue poetic North, andspiritual home.But wait! There are more: GrisedaleCatbellsSeatollerGreat GableScafelll Who left these names here? No-one can tell,perhaps Vikings, or Celts:lost tribes who also set their compass bythese risings of the earththese hallowed wooded hollowsplace of spiritual birth. The stone-circle builders atCastlerigg, Long Meg and her... Continue Reading →

Earth-songs, a Zéjel #poetry #dVerse

This morning, upon wakeningthe day's beginning welcomingI sought a different song to sing. I listened to the birds outsidewhose joy it would be hard to hideand wondered how I might abidewithout such gentle carolling. I listened to the cricket-songwhich stayed with me the whole day longand even once the day was gonecontinued, faintly murmuring. I... Continue Reading →

Let it linger #dVerse #quadrille

Let it linger, longafter you have goneand your lover's lullaby has faded to a whisper. Let it linger oninto the dawnof a new life that I imaginedmight have been my own. Let it lingeras I linger on, alone. © 2021 All Rights Reserved. Written for dVerse Tonight, Linda is hosting Quadrille, and she has given... Continue Reading →

Down with the trees #poetry #earthweal

Like a lung cancer victimwho knows his days are numberedand continues to smoke twenty a dayso we cut them, with a keen and suicidal vigourhoping to pulp them into money beforeit loses all valueand the only currency we haveare those survival staples:drinking watergrain and seedthe air we breathe.The true carbon cost of all human activityis... Continue Reading →

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