Rainbow #poetry #poem

Over the drab, dull red-brick housesa rainbow spans its arc across the sky:heavy with rain, slate-greyspectacular, the trees swayed by the winds’ envybrace for rain Lovelooks like it’s happening again... © 2022 experimentsinfiction.com. All Rights Reserved. Sharing with earthweal This week, Sherry has asked us to write poems of gratitude: you can go small or big, or... Continue Reading →

Night Falls #poetry #dVerse

Night falls upon the frozen mountain-landhardy tufts of grass lit in gold greenan empty hand in glove an empty handholds onto nothing bigger than a dream Hardy tufts of grass lit in gold greenignite the hillside, spark within my heartholds onto nothing bigger than a dreamand nothing better for a place to start Ignite the... Continue Reading →

In Nice – A Rimas Dissolutas #poetry #dVerse

Paint your palettepastel pink china blueterracotta ochrepalette of the city streetsdream of the Impressionist Get your feet wetpuddles pool a rainbow hueand they evoke - hersense of life in half-heartbeatscrosses off a bucket list Are you ready yet?The canvas calls, a neige fondusomehow awoke her:candy apples, such sweet treatsas life is made of - days... Continue Reading →

MasticadoresUSA: Monthly Contributors Announced!

MasticadoresUSA, edited by the bestselling poet Gabriela Marie Milton, announces its monthly contributors today, and I am honoured to be included amongst them. I am joined by other talented poets including Cindy Georgakas and Jeff Flesch, and our poetry will be featured regularly on the site every month. Follow the site for further updates, and... Continue Reading →

Bear Witness #poetry #earthweal

The broken bodies of trees catch in the weircarried by currents swirling blacklylike the current that carried your broken body here:bear witness to the falling of the trees. 34 years of life transformed overnightto 32 (and counting) years of griefcan nature or nurture offer some relief?If so, then let still-standing trees bear witness. Each fallen... Continue Reading →

EIF Poetry Retrospective 2021

It's that time of year again, when I take a look back over a selection of the year's poetry. The video below features some of the poems I made into Instagram poetry cards. I think the designs get better as the year progresses, especially once I started using Canva - even the free version is... Continue Reading →

The Place Where Poetry is Born #earthweal

Oh, come with meI’ll take you downto the place where poetry is bornbeneath the seawithin the wavescresting the corralled entrance of a cave:the place where poetry is borninside the bubbleof a drowning breaththis letting go, thislittle deaththis region undefined within the mindthis heart’s uncharted depthsthe place where poetry is bornof ancient wisdomspoken in a dreamthe... Continue Reading →

Derwentwater in Winter – A Sonnet

How clear-shone this resplendent glacial lakelit in gloss sheen where cloud breaks in to showover the hills the earth is lit awakeas if illumined by some ancient vow: There is no bottom to this mirror-glassno depths or shallows which can be definedhere on the shore where pilgrim feet do passand lovers with their hearts and... Continue Reading →

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