Guest Post: Nonna Mia by Laura Schmidt

Today I am proud to present you a flash fiction by Laura Schmidt of Voyage of the Mind. On Laura's site you will find plenty to feed your imagination, from poetry to film reviews via novels to current affairs to ancient history. If you haven't already visited, I highly recommend this site to anyone with... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Labor of Love by Laura Schmidt

Today, I'm very excited to bring you another wonderful short story from Laura Schmidt, creator of Voyage of the Mind. Visit Laura's newly revamped website for more short fiction and poetry, as well as many great factual pieces on topics ranging from ancient history to social media trends. There is something to delight every inquisitive... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Elegy by Laura Schmidt

Today, I am very excited to bring you a guest post by Laura Schmidt, who writes at Voyage of the Mind. Head over to her website for more beautifully penned stories, as well as poetry, history and more. As Laura explains in her Bio, Voyage of the Mind is 'a place where adventurous souls and... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Adrian the Unloved by Valdis Stakle

Today's guest post comes from the unique mind of Valdis Stakle, who does not have his own blog, but perhaps he should? In addition to writing flash fiction, he paints impressionistic portraits of the characters in his head. For more details you can contact him at Adrian the Unloved Adrian, by Valdis All his... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Ants & Uncles by Kayen Rice

Today's post was first published by Ken 'Kayen' Rice on his website, but he's kindly offered it up for me to share here at Experiments in Fiction. Ken has had many jobs, of which he's 'quit more than most people have read adds for.' He's been divorced twice, engaged three times and arrested once, and... Continue Reading →

The Self-Storage Stalker

I was packing up my life. It was time to move on. I'd found employment, yes; but not the kind I had been looking for. I sat behind a desk for 8 hours every day, deleting or ignoring emails, until someone shouted at me loud enough to elicit a response. It wasn't what I'd been... Continue Reading →

Story No.1

I found this scrawled into my copy of Joyce's Dubliners (one of the books I'd liberated from storage last weekend). I was immediately intrigued, because I couldn't remember writing it. It's not so much a story as a vignette, and I'm afraid it's not quite up there with Joyce in terms of literary merit. Still... Continue Reading →

Letter from the End of the World

Today, I'm revisiting an old post, in the light of our current situation. With a third of the world's human population on lockdown, we've seen a definite reduction in global carbon emissions. We've also seen the natural world thriving as humans take shelter and reduce their day-to-day polluting activities. I wonder if all of this... Continue Reading →

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