Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #3

Today I bring you another three poems from the inimitable Don Matthews of The Flippant, Comic, and Serious. Don hails from Down Under where he writes poetry which is often comedic with serious undertones. His bodyguard Skip (pictured above) takes care of security. I'm Sorry (I am a prolific writer)I'm sorry for explodingExploding on the... Continue Reading →

View from a Window

I'm not locked down anymore But sometimes I feel locked in Locked into myself I wonder who my neigbours are They know I’m a stranger What if they find out I write poetry How strange then will they think me? Why do I make up stories about my neighbours Who actually seem pretty friendly? Perhaps... Continue Reading →

The Quarantine Diaries 16: Symbol of Hope

'Guiness' the Cat 'I LOVE Guiness, Mammy!' Not normally the words you want to hear from a two-year-old. But in this case, he was talking about a neighbourhood cat who we'd befriended a few days before lockdown started. Now the children have been let out on (reasonably) good behaviour, we went looking for Guiness last... Continue Reading →

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