Some scenes from my life #dVerse #Cadralor

1.Borrowdale rain singsdancing on slate-grey rooftop a rainbow paints the sky 2.London’s fields echowith the sound of children playingall the colours of joy 3.Barcelona’s patchwork streetsbewilder before welcomingTrencadís enchantment 4.Malaga seethes mirage upon marblethe sea softly sighs 5.Clouds hang over Istriastormwinds cry in choruswhere are you now? © 2021 All Rights Reserved. Another Cadralor for dVerse This... Continue Reading →

Anthropocene Cadralor #poetry #dVerse

The wind sweeps over the Gulf of Triestethey say it will be storm force by morningclouds scud with anticipationrains fail to fall.When I was in school, during heavy rainswe spent 'wet playtime' reading comic bookscross-legged on the parquet floorof the school hall.Will we be home for Christmas?I wonder, then I laugh at myself rememberingbeing home... Continue Reading →

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