Cats #poetry #earthweal

So in-the-moment from the day that they are bornpurring in harmony with the deep humof existence.  Cold and calculating killers, cruel eventoying with their preybut it’s only nature’s wayof keeping them sharp. They never give themselves awaybut only lend themselves at their convenience. There is nothing I admire morein catsthan their fierce undying independence of spiritwhich they carry... Continue Reading →

The Quarantine Diaries 16: Symbol of Hope

'Guiness' the Cat 'I LOVE Guiness, Mammy!' Not normally the words you want to hear from a two-year-old. But in this case, he was talking about a neighbourhood cat who we'd befriended a few days before lockdown started. Now the children have been let out on (reasonably) good behaviour, we went looking for Guiness last... Continue Reading →

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