Going Viral: A Diary

I went viral this weekend. Not in the oft-sought-after Twitter sense, but in the not-feeling-very-well sense. Given the current climate, I thought I might be coming down with Covid-19. Thankfully, I'm feeling better now. But the diarist in me had to record the experience, despite how bad I felt. Here's the result: 19/06/20 Woke up... Continue Reading →

The Quarantine Diaries 29: Moving On

Like a long lonely streamI keep runnin' towards a dreamMovin' on, movin' onLike a branch on a treeI keep reachin' to be freeMovin' on, movin' on Not a poem of the day today, then, but a song. This was always a favourite of mine and my husband's, especially when we lived in the U.K., where... Continue Reading →

The Quarantine Diaries 28: The Road Not Taken

One of the few failings of my undergraduate English Literature Course was that the creators of the syllabus interpreted English Literature not as Literature written in English, but as Literature written in England (or Ireland, Scotland and Wales.) To study American Literature written in English, you had to take a separate course in 'American Studies,'... Continue Reading →

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