Patchwork #poetry for Kerfe Day!

We are patchwork, wea constellation of colourslighting children’s eyesso many shades and blades of grassin blue skies, bright orclouded grey and whiteblossoming, bloomingbursting forthin springtime meadow-light. © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved April has been extended! By Paul Brookes of The Wombwell Rainbow. He has hosted a special ekphrastic challenge for the month of April as part... Continue Reading →

EIF Poetry Challenge #15: Ekphrastic

This week's challenge is an Ekphrastic challenge, in other words, writing a poem in response to a work of art. This week's judge and three-time EIF Poetry Challenge winner, Nick Reeves, has provided the artwork featured in today's post, which will be your prompt. Ekphrastic Poetry The word 'ekphrastic' comes from the Ancient Greek ἐκφράζειν (ekphrázein) ,... Continue Reading →

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