Prognosis: Dea(r)th

I had my consultation today, with Dr D’Earth. I tried not to take the name as an ill-omen. I sat outside the waiting room, nervously but patiently waiting my turn: twiddling my thumbs. Looking down at my hands thinking ‘how long?’ or was it ‘how much longer?’ He called my name. I steeled myself. I... Continue Reading →

The Fire in the Sky: #poem #ClimateChange

There’s fire in the sky:It’s from the HindenburgAt the dawning of modernity36 soulsAscend to heaven As the airshipPlummets to earth. There’s fire in the skyFrom all the victimsOf the Holocaust6 million lives Sons, daughters, husbands, wivesAll murdered in a failed attempt to eraseAn entire race. There’s fire in the skyAbove Hiroshima80,000 deadIn one instantAnd thousands more to... Continue Reading →

The Wheatsheaf – #poem #dVerse

A whisper shakes the wheatfieldSoft and sibilant; Someone’s walked over my graveThis afternoon:A whisper, a shiverThen silence echoes in my ear;I feel that we’ve been here before. For centuries we’ve sowed the fieldsAnd ploughed the fieldsAnd harvested the wheatThe Wheatsheaf - quaint nameOf a village pub:I’ve never seen a Wheatsheaf In real life; only the finished loaf.... Continue Reading →

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