Traffic, or ‘This One’s for You,’ a Poem

A slow uptick Of traffic Slow and steadyRegistersSomewhere far out in cyberspace A change in my fortunes:Somebody likesOr maybe someone even lovesThese little things I doWith woven words And only words, thoughCrafted carefullyFrom pain and loveAnd dreamsI tasted once So very long ago it seemsFor youI write these wordsDear audience, dear friends, And dearest muse This quiet... Continue Reading →

Poem: Feeding the Ducks at Bohinj

All day long, rain:Falling from the low cloud,Falling foul of my low mood,Falling.Visibility down to ten percent:Light aircraft grounded for today And far awaySomewhere in a far-off land I'd left behindSunshine. Rain like my tearsWhich I refused to let fall:Let the sky fall tears for me,Fall like an edgeless swordCourting despair.Where had the sun gone?When... Continue Reading →

The Sting in the Scorpion’s Tail

Look out of your windowAnd what do you see?The sting in the Scorpion’s tail;And does it remind you of when you had me?Say, does it remind you at all?Love sparkled like starlightAt midnightEruptedIn showers of passionAnd ended in flameAnd now it’s all over my love can’t you seeThere’s a sting in the Scorpion’s tail? Whenever... Continue Reading →

It’s Impossible Love: A Poem

It’s impossible, Love:You have somebody elseThough you say that you’d leave him for me;When you think of your childrenAnd think of yourselfThen think what a mistake that would be. It’s impossible, Love:I have somebody elseThough I thought I might leave him for you;When I thought of my childrenAnd thought of myselfThen it wasn’t a thing... Continue Reading →

Writing about Writing

Writing about writing is not something I normally do, but I woke up this morning keen to start work on my first poetry collection. First thing in the morning is, for me, the perfect time to write. Before everyone else gets up and the noise and chaos begins. Not that I don't love the noise... Continue Reading →

No Homelike Place – A Poem

There is no homelike placeOnly an empty spaceWhere once the toys were piledA legend, etched in pencil on a wallGrowth of a childMeticulously charted, inch by inchAnd line by loving lineToo easily erased. There is no homelike place:All whitewashed nowThe memoriesPerhaps a paltry palimpsest survivesBeneath the pale magnolia emulsionRecords of past livesRemain for yearsBeneath the... Continue Reading →

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