Sonnet of Thanksgiving #poetry #Earthweal

It is the winter of this strangest yearwhen closeness equalled danger and aloneconsidered safe, we faced the fear of life in dull dejected isolation. Or else, locked down inside the lion’s denwe found ourselves imprisoned, desperate for some source of escape, a hand, a friendwe hoped for help, but help arrived too late. For what shall we... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #8

G'day readers! More madcap mayhem with a serious twist from the mind of Aussie poet Don Matthews today. If you like this, you'll love Don's very own website, The Flippant, Comic, and Serious. If you're lucky you may even get to meet Priscilla, the Cat of Many Colours (featured in one of her many guises... Continue Reading →

Sonnet on the Sava Bohinjka

Your crystal waters plummet from their sourceat Slap Savica: powerful, rainbow-paintinghere at the origin, you find your voiceand down into the valley, let it sing silently, reflectively at firstin limpid pools and under boulders, whispersecrets to serenely sleeping Earthand those who would disturb her quiet slumber not out of ignorance, to aggravatebut hoping to hear... Continue Reading →

Life – a Jisei #poetry #dVerse

Like an affair with a half-remembered loverI wouldn’t say I’m happy that it’s over; but rather thatI no longer need you: my heart is light. Frank hosts at dVerse tonight, and he has asked us to write a Jisei, or death poem, celebrating the onset of the northern winter. I wouldn't say I'm ever happy to see the end... Continue Reading →

EIF Poetry Challenge #10: Pantoum

The pantoum is a poetic form which originated in Malaysia, where it was developed from the form pantun berkait, a series of quatrain stanzas within which the lines are intricately woven. I discovered this form for myself by reading poetry on WordPress, and it immediately appealed to me because of its lyrical nature, and its... Continue Reading →

Brown into green #poetry #dVerse

Brown fleckin a green eye:something rare, Igot the green, thethickness of your hair, mychildren got thehazel-brownso maybe in that fleckthere was encodeddouble-helix stylea sparkof lifewhich carried on from youto meto themand now I seewith mother’s eyesthe way you used to see.And yes, I’m tired.And yes, I struggle sometimes, stillAt the heart of it alleyes see[and allI... Continue Reading →

Nature paints a picture #pantoum #poetry

Nature paints a picture in her beauty which we can only imitate in artnor can we match her bright majestic glorywith painted brushstrokes or the lines we write:  So we can only imitate in arta paltry shadow of nature's creationwith painted brushstrokes or the lines we writewe seek to match our natural fascination. A paltry shadow... Continue Reading →

Possibilities – #dVerse Quadrille

Which path to take?So many perceivedpossibilitiesearly in life they seeminfinite almost, butlater: determinate, obdurate,few:What makes us changeour perceptionof what is impossible?Reservations, reluctanceto make ourselves risible;deportment, decorumor maybe it’s really justfear... Whimzygizmo is hosting at dVerse and she has asked us to write a poem of exactly 44 words including the word 'possible' or one or... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #7

G'day folks! Bringing you another bonza poetry selection courtesy of Don from Down Under. Check out more of his work at The Flippant, Comic, and Serious. If you're lucky you might even get to meet Priscilla (pictured.) Happy Little Counting Rhymer I am a happy rhymer1, 2, 3, 4 ,5I'm practising my counting skillsYes, fingers... Continue Reading →

Those high places #poetry #Earthweal

I long for those high lonely placesup there in the realm of endless sunup whereclouds gather thenskies thunder lightning strikesrain follows falling thena rainbow paints the skyand I long once again for those high places those high, wide open spaceswhere I once wandered freelyas a childdreams, hopes, imagination unrestraineddesire saying nothing more to me than'let me wander here!'And still... Continue Reading →

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