Queen of the last line #poetry #dVerse

Queen of the last lineof defence, I stakean arrow through your heartmost cupid-likeand wait for you to feel it. Direct hit: you are fallingunder my powerful spellit may lead you to heavenor drag you down to hell:don’t say you didn’t want it. Queen of the last linedrawing a circle around you, and drawing you inthere’s... Continue Reading →

Seeds of dissension #poetry #dVerse

Spreading seeds of dissensionwe gosowing them in fertile groundthey growthough they're nurturedwithin and below in the fertile soilof our imaginationseeds of doubt and seeds of indignation:weeds which choke serenitya stranglehold upon our peace of mind.  © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved Written for dVerse Tonight, Merril is hosting Quadrille, and has asked us to write... Continue Reading →

My heart is iron #poetry #earthweal

My heart is ironmy blood is red like yoursbut unlike yours, it's incandescentglowing wild with its own heat and light. My lungs are green:you are a cancer, killing healthy tissue untilall that's left behind is charred to ash. My surface is71% water, more than you need to survive, and yetyou feel you have the right... Continue Reading →

Mayday Sonnet Sunday #4: Are we Homo Sapiens enough?

Are we, homo sapiens, enough to save ourselves and save the soul of every earthborn thing?We’re all burnt out, like books pulled down from shelvesand tossed upon the pyre of long-lost learning. We turn a blind eye to our historyand science too, ignoring every factembracing selfishness and infamyto cheat ourselves into our final act. We march... Continue Reading →

Mayday Sonnet Sunday #3: Come, workers of the world

Come, workers of the world, let us unitein questioning the purpose of our role:to build a future fair, and free, and brightor drudge towards some profit-driven goal? We may feel we are cogs within a wheelwithin another wheel relentlessly such wheels are turned until we barely feelour role within our planet’s destiny. Perhaps we are climbing... Continue Reading →

Mayday Sonnet Sunday #1: Another Planet Down

The celestial Mayday call rings out‘Emergency! Another planet down!’Among the galaxies, the angels shoutwhile gods look on, amused, none too forlorn: 'One more intelligent species fails the testdetermined upon its own destruction: one day we’ll make one wiser than the rest with power to prevent its own extinction.' Another planet down, a record scrubbedfrom off the intergalactic... Continue Reading →

Patchwork #poetry for Kerfe Day!

We are patchwork, wea constellation of colourslighting children’s eyesso many shades and blades of grassin blue skies, bright orclouded grey and whiteblossoming, bloomingbursting forthin springtime meadow-light. © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved April has been extended! By Paul Brookes of The Wombwell Rainbow. He has hosted a special ekphrastic challenge for the month of April as part... Continue Reading →

Incontinent #poetry #poem

Incontinent we come into this world;incontinent we leave it:defenceless, cradled inour mother’s arms. Trailing clouds of heavenstreaks of sunsetstreaming down the cheeksof those whose hearts we leave love-lorn. And those who find themselves unloved, incontinentare cradled in a heavenly embrace they left this world too soonor lingered, too-long lonelytheir footsteps arenot difficult to trace by One who... Continue Reading →

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