Peace #poetry #earthweal

It had been a day of strife:wife against husbandhusband against wifethen as if out of nowhere peace descended but it wasn’t out of nowhere for the wife had said a prayerand the rising wind seemed to whisper'You are not alone(for I am)hopeis everywhere.'  © 2021 All Rights Reserved. A reminder never to give up hope! I've a lot... Continue Reading →

World without end published at MasticadoresUSA!

There was a cabinet containing skittleslined up on a chequerboard in the museumwhen I was youngand two walls of the cabinetwere mirrorsso it looked as if the skittles stretched out to eternity...  Please visit MasticadoresUSA to continue reading. I am delighted to have another piece published here. My thanks to editor Gabriela Marie Milton for her continued support... Continue Reading →

From one lover to another #dVerse #quadrille

Islands in the streamthat is what we are, orships that pass in the night. And when the stream has driedof all it's bitternessan arroyo secois what divides us. From one lover who writesto anotherwho does not read. © 2021 All Rights Reserved. Written for dVerse Tonight it's quadrille, and De is hosting. She has... Continue Reading →

Dancing at Lughnasadh #poetry #earthweal

In February (my birth month) I sowed a seedinto the coming springwatched it grow in darkness, in my painfed it with love andwatered with the light of my beliefhard labour brought forth the rising loafin isolationI reached out found inspirationalways with the end in sightalways out of darkness, towards lighteven when all hope seemed lostcontinuing... Continue Reading →

The Anthropocene Hymnal is published!

The waiting is over! You can now purchase The Anthropocene Hymnal in Paperback and Kindle format from Amazon (just select your relevant region). I also have a PDF version of the book available. I am not selling the PDF, but asking for a donation to my WWF Fundraiser. Once you have made your donation (minimum... Continue Reading →

Siren Song #poetry #dVerse

Oh sing, Sweet Muse! of my lost love(so far away he waits for me)Oh sing, Sweet Muse! of my lost love(and I’ll sing him to me) A thousand miles away he waits beyond the sea, beyond the paleand I would sing him home to me:let words not fail.  I wait upon this barren rock;the spray hits... Continue Reading →

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