Earth-Mother: #poetry #Earthweal

Snake-charmer Goddess-voluptuous Viper-venomous Whisperer-livewire Lover Original-Authorimmaculate-SinnerSorceress-TemptressSeductress andMentor Thundebolt-wielderbounteous-MotherEarth-spitting venom now breakingasunder You shouldn’t have crossed herYou shouldn’t have crossed herNow cross your own heartAnd admit that its over: Cross your heartHope to diePainlessly Written for Earthweal Weekly Challenge: Mentors for a Changed World. Brendan has set us the following challenge: 'Our times are dark indeed. For this week’s challenge, let’s... Continue Reading →

Child of Our Time – #poetry #dVerse

There’s a girl who sleepsunder the EarthWho has never yet dared to draw breathShe imagines the skyfull of creatures that flyAnd the grass decked with flowersand ferns. In the bosom of Earth she is safe:Grounded, firm-fixedand sereneAnd she doesn’t dare wakefrom the wisdom of sleepWhere she’s curtained and shieldedfrom pain But in that strange sleep... Continue Reading →

My Poetry Prayerbook

Before I came back to my writing my own poetry (after an 18 year break!) I came into recovery from alcoholism. I was encouraged to seek help from a 'higher power' - whether this be God, a support group, the healing energy of the Universe, didn't matter. It had just ought to be something bigger... Continue Reading →

Poem: Feeding the Ducks at Bohinj

All day long, rain:Falling from the low cloud,Falling foul of my low mood,Falling.Visibility down to ten percent:Light aircraft grounded for today And far awaySomewhere in a far-off land I'd left behindSunshine. Rain like my tearsWhich I refused to let fall:Let the sky fall tears for me,Fall like an edgeless swordCourting despair.Where had the sun gone?When... Continue Reading →

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