The Cairns Which Mark Our Path

You left in October walked into the valleyof the shadow of deathand every Autumn sinceI skirt the combe’s edge. The dying light speaks to me:what did you wish to say?Always seeking refuge from nightmare's haemorrhageinto the light of day. Nature’s a healer:kind if you let herthistle-down whispererbracken-fern copperer. Streams sing remembrancesbrook, ghyll, and waterfallsunset condolences:silence falls over... Continue Reading →

Poem on Your Birthday

I rememberthe coolness of your skin, and your warm heartthe thickness of your hair, and your thin bodyseemed like the wind could blow right through youwhich it didit blows through me, too thoughit won't blow me over I rememberyou waiting for me in the school yard my favourite time of dayand the days you didn't... Continue Reading →

The Tide

I. The Walk Here the Solway, in its sweep towards the sunset and the Irish sea, begins to widen. Here the sky is an impermeable grey, the gently rolling slopes of Criffel, on the far side of the bay, etched in high contrast to the cloud. Silloth is a town perpetually looking back, as if... Continue Reading →

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