Why not? #poetry #dVerse

Well, I don't mean to whine about winebut the problem was always 'Why notone glass? Where's the problem with that?''Why not?''Say what?''If you really want to knowplay the tape forwardthen rewindto findun-winedI'm better off.' © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved Written for dVerse Linda is hosting dVerse Quadrille and has asked us to write a 44-word poem... Continue Reading →

Lessons learned in one year sober

Today I'm celebrating one year without drinking alcohol. One whole year's sobriety. People who knew me before might never have believed that. I might never have believed that. But the truth is, since having kids, I'd always wanted to get sober, and previously I'd even managed it for months at a time. But this time... Continue Reading →

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